Your Romantic Calendar – 7 Dates to Note

When it comes to the important dates in your relationship, do you plan ahead or do you get panicked at the last minute and have to rush out for a gift at the 11th hour? Men especially seem to have the idea that planning ahead is cheating when in fact thinking of your partner ahead of time is romantic.

When planning your romantic calendar it’s always a great idea to first put down the key dates that you will be celebrating in the coming year. You might even choose to buy any cards you’ll need in the year in a single visit to the store and save yourself some time. Again, this is not cheating, it’s planning and forethought.

So what are the must-remember dates of your romantic year?

1. Your partners Birthday

You might forget your own birthday but forgetting your partners birthday is generally a very bad idea. If you think you might be at risk of doing this it would be best to run out immediately and stockpile appropriate birthday cards and some fantastic non-perishable gift : perfume/cologne, jewellery and love tokens of all sorts.

2. Valentines Day (14th February)

If one day of the year is regarded as a day of love and romance it’s Valentines day. Named after several early Christian martyrs named Valentine, today Valentines Day is widely regarded as the day to remember your romantic partner. Missing this one is a definite no-no but you might choose to give a card on the day and buy the flowers or book a dinner on some other day than the 14th when the prices of both seem to skyrocket.

3. Your Wedding Anniversary

Married? Forgetting your wedding anniversary may be the cardinal sin of relationships. Men seem especially bad at this. Mark the date in your calendar!

4. Anniversary of Your First Date

Many couples celebrate the anniversary of their first date, especially those who have been dating for years but who haven’t yet tied the knot. Even if you are married, consider celebrating this important date, perhaps not with cards and gifts but with a special visit out to the area or place where you met. Give each other the gift of your time, reliving the old times and talking about your future.

5. Sweetest Day (3rd Saturday in October)

Despite being created by candy manufacturers in the Midwest, many people celebrate Sweetest Day with cards and gifts of candy. Some people think of it as the Valentines Day of the second half of the year. If your partner celebrates Sweetest Day then ensure that you do too!

6. Mothers day

If you and your partner have children help them to celebrate Mothers Day, especially during the early years. Many first time mothers have been disappointed on Mothers Day when their partners look at them and ask “What?”.

Mothers day is celebrated around the world but often on different days. In the USA it is the Second Sunday in May. In the UK Mothering Sunday falls on the Fourth Sunday in Lent (3 Weeks before Easter Sunday). See wikipedia for the dates other countries celebrate Mothers day

7. Fathers day

Men aren’t generally as sensitive about Fathers day as women are about Mothers Day but if your partner is a father, help the children celebrate fathers day.

Fathers day is celebrated on different dates all over the world. See wikipedia for a full list of fathers day dates.


These are some of the key dates in your romantic calendar. Don’t give your partner any cause for disappointment in the coming year, get these dates on your calendar now to ensure a good foundation for your romantic year.

Source by Howard Earl

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