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For more than 100 years, the founding heritage and tradition revolves around superior customer service and infusing professionalism. The company remains at the core of the Coldwell Banker philosophy.

Coldwell Banker India is the Indian arm to the world’s largest residential Brokerage and Advisory Company which is Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The company is known for the people-centric deeds to accomplish the perfect home dreams and committed to perpetuating the legacy of over century which was found in 190 in Northern America. Being the part of the reputed international conglomerate, the company wishes to create some happy experiences of buying homes in India as well.

The face of real estate in India is changing frequently and there are avenues for the investment like never before. As the global markets experience appreciation in real estate, the country takes center stage as the attractive investment destination. Non-resident Indians those are looking for reconnecting with homeland have various options to choose from. Coldwell banker India certainly believes in the untapped potential of real estate market in India. Be the part of this upcoming market making the investment in this growing economy with Coldwell Banker India.

With Coldwell Banker India, there are numerous services for the Non-resident Indians for their convenience and comfort. These services includes buying and selling services such as looking out for the right location that fulfills the requirements of the home buyers, looking for the most appropriate property that fits in the budget as well as provides all the facilities that a home buyer is searching for, helping in getting the best of deals which is accepted by both, the home buyer and the developer, providing legal consultancy and documentation work so that the buyer is not the one running, but its our sales expert doing all the work.

We also provide selling services wherein one gets correct and the most appropriate valuation of property, the correct buyer for the property, best possible negotiation for the property suiting the budget of both the parties, getting all the paperwork done, complete and accurate legal consultancy and finance services.

When it comes to the legal help, Coldwell Banker India and its employees are always available for all the assistance needed, whether it is regarding any legal consultancy or tax consultancy, our employees are always available for the clients and provide the best services possible. Also, we look after the registration work and stamp duty so that the home buyer does not have to run and do all the work alone; instead our team of experts does it with dedication and legality.

Coldwell Banker India has property management services as well which includes tenant acquisition, property maintenance, repatriation and rent collection, and deposits. Basically, a home buyer need not worry about anything once they get associated with us. It is our team of experienced professionals those would provide hands-on services and would be available at complete home buying process.

All our services can be availed by all types of home buyers, whether a local resident or a Non-resident Indian, Coldwell Banker India is up for all the challenges and make your home buying experience the best and the smoothest.

Source by Srishti Chandola

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