What You Should Know About Tantra Body Massage

Tantra body massage is the manipulation of the soft ‘sookshma nadis’ (of which 72000 exist in the human body) using specialized tantra techniques. Tantric abhyangam is a special body massage that keeps the mind and body balanced and functioning optimally. It also allows the recipient to experience intense pleasure at the soul level, and completely satisfies both partners by creating a two-way flow of love. Performed correctly, such a massage can lead to sublime spiritual closeness that transcends time and space.

Tantra sees the female body as an intense interaction of complex systems, all working in harmony to keep this universe alive. A tantra-based body massage can result in deep energy release. The body represents the universe, and this kind of massage can trigger the creative energy that drives growth and prosperity within. Moreover, it stimulates and relaxes the body while this flow of energy balances out the tantric chakras.

Tantra sees our bodies as comprised of ten energy zones. A tantra massage works from the inner zones to the outer body, invoking the body’s shakti. A more advanced version of this exotic massage form can actually realign the soul and the body, becoming an invaluable tool in the quest for self-realization.

If expertly performed, a tantra body massage will help increase the energy retention capacity of the ‘Manipura Chakra’ (or solar plexus) and relieve muscular and joint tension as it balances the body’s energy system. The interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and gentle pressure along the chakras leads to the release of energy. It works directly on the energy of the chakras to stimulate balance and healing, achieving this by triggering nine key points within the yoni. Before receiving this massage, it is essential to drink at least three glasses of water, both before and after the session. Water helps cool down the body when it is experiencing the intense waves of pleasurable energy.

Lack of proper information about tantra body massage has led to a lot of scams. In fact, it is now often used a thinly-veiled front for prostitution. Tantra body massage is an authentic spiritual technique that has nothing to do with the dubious massage services we find on the Internet today. Be aware that a qualified practitioner of this highly specialized form of massage has knowledge of specific energy points, as well as the insertions and origins/actions of each of the major energy chakras. A fraud without such knowledge cannot do more than evoke mismatched pleasure/pain responses that are extremely counter-productive and can cause irreparable damage.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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