What Is Tantric Sex Really About?

In order to fully comprehend what tantric sex is one must first grasp the concept of what tantra itself is. The word Tantra in ancient sanskrit simply means “expansion through awareness”. Tantra is not a religion, it is a way of being and a lifestyle that makes use of symbols, sounds, breath work, and movements that activate sexual chi (or sexual life force). Sexual chi can be used in a deliberate way to direct it through out the body in ways that create euphoria, bliss and healing of the body and spirit. Tantra began originally in India then spread out through China, Nepal and other countries. Once used only by the rich, now the pleasures of tantra can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tantra sex can also be used to bring about healing of past wounds, often stored deep within one’s sexual center. When healed, the person can become more fully present and open to love and connection. When couples practice tantric lovemaking, these techniques can activate a powerful energy flow between lovers. This energy gives you increased energy and the expansion of your love.

Meditation, various yoga exercises and movements of the body are all components of tantric sex used to transport powerful energy through out the body. That energy can be cycled with a lover and sent into the universe, your bodies or into a specific mental intention. This is meant for the enhancement of intimacy, sexual bliss and enjoyment that can be used to help you feel connected to the entire world and those in it. This sacred energy created through tantric lovemaking can be used not only for physical ecstasy, but also for healing and enlightenment.

In a nutshell, tantric sex can be used as a pathway to enjoy deeper intimacy, love and connection to your partner. It can achieve the balance between masculine and feminine energies, found in all of us. The sex act becomes transcendental, freeing you to fully express yourself, pushing through walls and personal barriers to total pleasure. Lovemaking is then elevated to the status of healing, where it then becomes a divine act. Lovers are merged in a total mind, body and soul experience where every touch and sensation is heightened and unifying.

It is essentially a sexual union that’s become a celebration, one that liberates the spirit to experience heightened bliss, intimacy and soul connection. The goal of tantric sex is not to reach orgasm, it is to simply be in the moment. To enjoy each and every sensation, the feeling of being one with your partner and being connected through a myriad of tantric meditative practices. These practices can help couples overcome sexual tension, pre-mature ejaculation and to prolong pleasure to multi orgasmic levels.

Source by Tahirah Olufemi

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