What is an Exotic Massage?

Exotic massage has recently come to encompass a wide range of services from sea-salt scrubs and eastern massages with exotic oils. The most type of exotic massage, however, is a sensual experience you and your lover can experience together to heighten the pleasure of your love making. Exotic massages are meant to easy away the cares of life and relax your body and mind so you can enjoy new horizons of sexual and emotional pleasure. These types of techniques go way back to the ancient Eastern traditions of tantra and Taoism, which is to please and arouse the giver and the receiver equally.

How good the sensual experience comes down to how you set the mood. Utilizes and experiencing all of your senses will make the journey much more fun and enjoyable. Common techniques used are breathing, touching, using your hair, fabrics, stroking, and massage oils.

Here are five tips to create the perfect atmosphere.

1. Turn off your phones and make sure there are no other disturbances.
2. Play, soft, relaxing music to have something pleasant to listen to.
3. Turn off the lights and light plenty of candles to set the mood.
4. Burn incense or use essential oils for the introduction of pleasurable smells.
5. Introduce fruit, cheese, and/or wine to also use pleasurable tastes.

Once the mood is right, you need to focus on caressing your partner’s body with an enjoyable massage. Techniques you should consider using are Swedish, deep tissue, reiki, acupuncture, Rolfing, and craniosacral techniques.

Source by Andrew Cho

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