What Can I Do to Improve My Air Conditioner Performance?

We’re finally in the throngs of good ol summer time. Which means for many of us, we crank up the air conditioner. Many a/c users do not service their a/c units to keep it in top condition. But, there are a few tips out there to help the air conditioning unit run more effectively. Here’s a few tips to help the efficiency, possibly lower your utility costs and save some money on your next a/c servicing.

  • Keep the condenser unit clean. Brush or wash away the dirt from the fins on the exterior of the condenser.
  • Cut away any bushes, long grass, weeds, etc that are in close proximity to the exterior unit. Normally a condenser needs about a one foot to three foot clearance so it can run to its peak capacity.
  • Make sure the foam insulation around the larger line (suction line) into the home is not damaged and runs the length from the condenser to the home.
  • Check your filter/dryer on the smaller line (refrigeration line) next to the outside unit to see if it is freezing up. If it is, have the unit serviced by a qualified contractor.
  • Is there a dryer vent next to the condenser coil? It’s best to have this repositioned or diverted away from the coil. this adds lint to the fins and robs the system of air circulation.

Here’s a few other suggestions that will keep your unit working as it should:

  • If your stand or slab of your outside unit is sitting on is tilted, you may need to have this repaired. A tilting pad/unit can affect the effectiveness of condenser. In addition, if it continues to tilt, it can bend, or break the lines coming out of the home. This should be corrected as soon as you notice.
  • Check to see if the air blowing from the condenser fan on the exterior unit is warm. If it is not, have the system checked by an HVAC contractor.
  • When an air conditioner is running as steady state, there should be a difference of between 14 and 22 degrees from the cold air supply and the return air. With 18 degrees difference being the best. Again, have the system checked out by a qualified contractor.

These are but a few of the tips that can keep your air conditioning system working as it should. There are others, but the ones mentioned here cost you next to nothing and actually saves you money. Both from a utility cost factor and service factor. By all means do not hesitate to have a qualified professional service your condenser and HVAC system per the manufacturer’s recommendations, so it can keep you cool in the coming hot days.

Source by Dennis McAuley

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