Website Content Writing Guide – Questionnaire to Help Content Writers Get Client Information

As the title suggests, you are writing for someone else, typically for a small, medium or a large company’s website. And the reason that others want you to write is either because they want create professional material that gives them a business edge or they do not have ample time to do the writing themselves.

Use the following questionnaire to collate the information you need to write content for the websites of your customers.

Identify top 3 services and top 3 products you would like to highlight on your website.

Please specify top 10 customer centric words in relation to the aforementioned services/products. – Answer tip: Please provide relevant terms that customers often use during sales conversations in relation to it.

Identify top 3 specific audiences you would like to target by means of this website. – Answer tip: Let us know if you would like give more importance to specific locations, ages, concerns, interests etc.

Mention 1 top reason for your target audience to buy your product/service. Answer tip: Your USP

Provide relevant Information about the company, its history, the people, their expertise, resumes, (if required), website urls of competitors, Company philosophy/credo, vision, mission (if required)

What resources would you like the website to contain? -Answer tip: Articles, Premium guides, corporate brochure, Product brochures etc.

Please specify other information you may like to add

We have created hundreds of websites for our customers using the above questionnaire to get information for our writing. We’ve loved sharing them with you and we hope you will find the above questionnaire very useful.

Source by Lilly Josiah

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