Ways To Last Longer In Bed: Tantra Philosophy

There are many ways to last longer in bed. Common methods which men use to last longer in bed include the start-and-stop technique, the squeeze method, strategic foreplay and controlled masturbation. While these methods have proven over the years to be effective in helping men to prevent premature ejaculation, they are only skin deep. They do nothing to enhance sexual pleasure and neither do they truly boost a man’s sexual performance. They are the quick-fixes for lasting longer in bed which solve no problem at all. Tantra sexual principles and sex tips are different. Here is why.

The meditative system that is part of Tantra usually tries to help a man to achieve holistic health and peace. Other than simply trying to give a man physical techniques that are meant to delay ejaculation, these principles and techniques usually focus on helping a man to enhance the connection between his body, soul and mind and thus helps a man to come to terms with his sexuality. By making sure that a man is at peace with his sexuality, these sex tips help a man to be in better control of his sexual responses while also enabling him to have a heightened sense of pleasure. This in the end helps a man to delay ejaculation and thus last longer in bed.

While most methods of lasting longer in bed usually focus on reducing a man’s arousal levels, Tantra philosophy usually teaches its practitioners to embrace every aspect of their sexuality, including sexual pleasure. Ways of lasting longer in bed such as using numbing creams and thick condoms only serve to reduce a man’s response to stimulation. This in effect only reduces the magical nature of sex and as a result causes reduced levels of sexual pleasure and intimacy. This is not so with Tantra sex tips.

Tantra sex tips usually focus on increasing the sexual awareness of a man by tapping into his sensual spirituality. Instead of making a man to have less of sexual pleasure to last longer in bed, Tantric sexual techniques focus on making a man embrace his sexual stimulation to make sure that he is in better control of it. By helping a man to have the right mindset when it comes to sexual intercourse, Tantra sex tips help a man to have less of performance anxiety. This usually allows for a better flow of sexual energy in couples which ultimately leads to increased levels of intimacy and better orgasms. Also, with no performance anxiety, a man is also able to last long in bed.

Source by Simon I Stewart

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