Typical General Dentist Treatments

A general dentist is a practitioner who chose not to go ahead with any specialization after he graduated from dentistry. Most of these professionals want to pursue a specific field of dentistry in order to sharpen their skills and will master such specific knowledge. However, there are still some that choose not to go any further. General dentistry is broad and come across into various cases and with this; the practitioner can experience different things.

Most people are familiar what a general dentist can do. There are various tasks that a general dentist is entitled of and these are as follows.

Extraction– This is one of the major tasks that a general dentist in your area can do. This process goes as the dentist take out a damaged and decayed tooth that a person is suffering of. Aside from taking off the damaged tooth, extraction can also be done if in case there’s an overcrowding of teeth or there has been an extra tooth. If compacted teeth are present, these are also being extracted. Extraction diagnosis may take up for several days before it will be taken out. Most of dentist and any other professionals from other places prescribed antibiotics to their clients to prevent any infections and to build a better defense against bacteria prior to extraction. On the procedure, a local anesthesia is administered around the area of the tooth that will be extracted. Through this, your pain receptors will be numb thus; pain will never be felt throughout the procedure and makes the procedure easier.

Treating or filling of cavities– another task of a general dentist that he can do for his patient. If the patient has cavities, modern fillings can be done to match your teeth natural color. After such procedure, discomfort is ease from the tooth hole that you had suffered before. Previous fillings are also taken out especially those that are made of amalgam, gold and silver since these don’t last long unlike the modern one. General dentist can also use composite bonding for one’s oral cavity to be changed and improved

Teeth’s general maintenance– this is comprised of lots of treatments and techniques. Like the total routine oral cavity cleaning with the used of special cleaning tools. This takes off any plaques and prevents these from forming. Checking cavities is also done and check-ups are done regularly every six months.

These are just the few among the many tasks of a general dentist. And if you have more specific issues, they can refer you to the specialist.

Source by Richard A. Maputi

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