Too Much Client Service – Is There Such a Thing?

Everyone knows that exceptional service is a “must” in building a following. Especially nowadays. You get referrals by giving 100% + to your clients right?

Even accountants know that goodwill is a very valuable asset.

What if I told you that you might have created some problems as a result of all this giving? Here are a few examples:

  • Your clients get used to a level of service that’s unsustainable and start taking it for granted. Not only that, as soon as you adjust your offerings to be more in line with reasonable profitability, you create “badwill”.
  • More specifically in the internet world everyone gives free content. Spiritual entrepreneurs are especially comfortable with that practice as they want to contribute and help their community. Eventually of course, a business must make sales to survive. But often the spiritual entrepreneur’s list has gotten used to receiving exclusively free content and resents any marketing copy.
  • Being of service translates into you underpricing your services.

  • There isn’t enough of a plan to your service. You go beyond the call of duty to serve your clients and community which costs you time, energy and resources. But have you made a conscious decision about spending that time, energy and those resources and do you have any left for fulfilling your highest priorities and purpose?

Awareness, conscious choice, and balance; those are the keys to the kind of services that really ‘serves” all parties in the short and the long term.

And by the way let me make myself clear: most businesses aren’t enough of service. But a sub-set of the business community, especially the spirit-oriented entrepreneurs, give too much and need to ponder on these thoughts.

Source by Helene Desruisseaux

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