Tips For Dancing Under The Anointing

In my years of teaching and operating a ministry, I have seen many dance ministries where God’s Anointing did not flow. This is the primary reason I always encourage praise dancers to allow God to take them through a process of purging and cleansing in mind, flesh and spirit before taking their position on the battlefield as a dance minister. (Please note that dancers should not be considered dance ministers until at least the age of 12 or when they thoroughly understand how to dance under the Anointing). This can vary from dancer to dancer, however, age 12 is the age I have found to be when a dancer can explain to you what it means to have a relationship with God, without sounding rehearsed.

Dancing under the Anointing is about a relationship, not a taught set of movement, not strong facial expressions, nor is it repeating movement over and over to drive in the point of the message in the song. Dancing under God’s Anointing signifies that the dancer has a complete understanding of how to connect with the Holy Spirit in order to allow God to speak through them to the people. Although they may have learned choreographed movements, they will not make a spiritual impact on the audience unless the dancers know how to connect with the Holy Spirit. The people have to see and feel God’s presence when praise dancers are dancing.

Allow me to share some important tips of how to teach your dancers to connect with the Holy Spirit:

Once a dancer reaches the age of 12, have them pray and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit to operate by evidence of speaking in tongues.

Have your dancers submit a one page writing as to why God has called them to dance.

Before teaching choreography, have your dancers sit down and listen to the song so that they understand the message/assignment.

Have your dancers tell you if it is a praise, worship, celebration, prophetic or warfare message. This will tell them how to execute their movements.

Before practice pray over the practice and have 15 minutes of praise and worship to help them become focus. Pray out of practice as well. Praying teaches the dancers to place God first and invite the Holy Spirit in. Praying out teaches them to protect themselves going home and the rest of their week.

Have regular bible study with your dancers and teach them how to properly pray, dance before God in their prayer time, and ultimately go into the Holy of Holies. This is where they will learn worship and how to hear God’s voice clearly.

Before ministering, have your dancers fast for a certain amount of time. (Make sure you explain why fasting is important and never make it impossible for them to commit.) On the day of the engagement, take communion, this is only necessary if God leads you in this direction.

Make sure that you have sought God for a foundational scripture for the ministry, even if it is under your church. Make sure it lines up with the overall vision of your ministry. This will tell you the purpose God created your ministry.

Never allow your dancers to minister if they have not grasped the understanding of what it means to dance in relationship, unless you are led by God to do so and if this happens make sure you understand why He is approving this to be done. There is something that He wants the dancer to receive but only do this if led by Him. Never because you like the person or feel sorry for them or because they begged you.

Source by Patricia K Burnett

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