Tips for Changing Your Attitude to Make Your Relationship Better

Are you angry and frustrated or negative most of the time? Are you unable to have a good and fulfilled relationship because you are afraid or full of negative emotions? Then lets us explore some tips for changing your attitude to make your relationship better.

1. Make up your mind! You must decide that you not only want to change your attitude but you WILL change it. Wake up to the realization that you are not a victim of circumstances or of your emotions and that you can change your attitude. It is within your power to do so.

2. Let the past hurts go! Whatever has happened to you is in the past and nothing you do today can change it. Release the people who have hurt you deeply in the past. Don’t keep replaying the words that they said or believing the hurtful things they said or did. If it has already happened then no amount of fretting or anger explosions will make it go away. If your hurts have been very deep then you may need professional help to let them go.

3. Stop giving yourself permission to be negative. Changing your attitude means that you stop giving yourself permission to be negative. I know that current thinking is that you should say and do exactly as you feel and people should just suck it up and deal with it but if you want your relationship to be better than that attitude cannot fly. Decide that it is not okay for you to be abusive or critical or negative towards the man in your life. Go through all the scenarios when you have been negative and see how you have given yourself permission to be negative. Your reasoning probably followed the thinking that if he was going to behave a certain way then you were allowed to pay him back by being nasty and hurtful. You need to withdraw that permission and decide that however he acts you will not react negatively. You will be in control your attitude and not him or circumstances. This change will take time and vigilance as you will be tempted to go back to your old ways.

4. Change your thoughts! Changing your attitudes means changing your thoughts. If you keep thinking about how he has wronged you or how unfair life is then guess what happens? You become negative as the poisonous negative thoughts find expression in your life. Realize that life is a wonderful privilege that you only get to live once and being unhappy and dissatisfied is wasting a once-in-a-lifetime gift. You owe it to yourself to have a happy and fulfilling relationship!

5. Have a grateful heart. A grateful heart will change your negative attitude to positive. If you think about all that is good and wonderful in your life then you will be happier. Just try it now…think about something that you love about your man or your life…don’t you feel better. Abort negative thoughts and focus instead on the good in him and in your life. You should not of course deny the negative but most of your energy and time should be used on the positive that is in your life.

6. Change what you can. Deal with the things in your life that weigh you down and turn your thoughts angry and frustrated. Does your weight weigh you down? Do thoughts of your finances make any day dark? Then find ways to deal with those things that you can deal with. You should do the best that you can to deal with the problem but you need to also give yourself a break. You may never be an emaciated size8 but you can be a healthy size16 so be realistic in your change efforts

Changing your attitude so that you can change your relationship is within your power and grasp. If you put into practice the 6 tips given then you will see a change in your attitude.

Source by Rosy Anderson

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