TIL a Japanese man noticed food disappearing in his fridge so he set up a security camera and found out there was a homeless woman living in the top compartment of his closet and been there for more than a year. : todayilearned

When my ex-wife and I were dating, I tried to surprise her with surround sound for our dating anniversary. I knew she wanted some for our livingroom so I had our friend come over and install it while we were working. When we got home after dinner, we were in the parking lot and my ex said “Someone was in our apartment!” I asked why she thought that, and she said the curtain blinds were not in the position we had left them in the morning. I lied and said I came home for lunch and must have opened them.

Then, the second she opened the front door, she said “Someone was in the apartment and it wasn’t you!” I asked why and she said a door was open that neither of us ever leaves open. I tried to convince her it was me again but she was ready to call the police. I finally explained the surprise I had been trying to give her.

Later on, we were watching TV and she started giggling. I asked what she was laughing at and she said nothing. This happened again a few times. Finally, she said look under the TV. She had surprised me with a Playstation (3?) and it was sitting in front of me for hours and I just never noticed. I might never have noticed.

TLDR- there are two types of people, and I am one that would never notice someone showering in my house.

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