Tibetan Terrier – Small Dog Trapped in a Big Body

A Tibetan Terrier is a lovely dog with long hair and soulful, loving eyes. Dogs in this breed are large, which means they take up a lot of space, but it is something that should be reconsidered by a potential owner. The dogs may be bigger, but they have a great personality and provide love and loyalty to owners. Owners of Tibetan Terriers will find the dogs love to cuddle up next to them on the sofa instead of being aggressive or bullying to others. The dog is non-aggressive, is easy to please and truly loves being with their families, whom they love so much.

It is important for the dogs happiness, they be included in the daily life of owners. The dogs need to get adequate exercise; a daily walk is a good idea. Physical exercise plays an important role in their life, health and well-being. Additionally, giving the dog plenty of exercise and activity throughout the day is necessary if they are to avoid becoming bored and misbehaving. A happy dog will be an enjoyable companion and loved by all.

It is common for the Tibetan Terrier to strive hard to please an owner. If a child accidentally pulls the dogs ears, the dog will more than likely put up little resistance even if it is a bit painful, they are a contented and easy going breed. While this is not an ideal situation, the dog is more than willing to allow an owner to do whatever is necessary and needed.

The Tibetan Terrier also makes a great watchdog in the home, and will make a good deal of noise when a stranger approaches, but otherwise is a very mellow, laid back companion. The dog is simply happy to lie around all day long or spending an afternoon happily chasing after chipmunks outside. The dog is not likely to chew up things or dig holes in the backyard.

A Tibetan Terrier is a calm and loving pet, ideally suited for a home where they get lots of love, exercise and attention. However, they are adaptable and can do well in most any type of environment. The dogs make a great friend for senior citizens and small children, doing whatever is needed to keep them from harm’s way. A Tibetan Terrier can also have an abundance of energy if not exercised properly, so it is important to make sure the dog is given enough to do to keep them busy.

A Tibetan Terrier is a happy-go-lucky, lively, intelligent and agile dog which requires early socialization to familiarize them with people and other animals. Those people who select this breed need to think about the time required to train and exercise the dog. With charm, utter loyalty and sensitivity, a Tibetan Terrier is a devoted and true companion who is capable of winning over the hearts of all who encounter them. The dog will give back the love and attention they are showed tenfold and show a big heart for those they have bonded with and adore.

Source by John P Jackson

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