Three Tantra Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life

At the baseline, tantra is all about weaving female and male energy – the Yin and Yang – into a powerful stream. A tantra teacher adept at instructing in the ways of ancient tantra achieves this in a number of ways, each of which positively affect lovers at the levels of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Instructing his students in the intricacies of tantra yoga, tantra meditation, tantra breathing and worship of tantra deities are inalienable components of a tantra master’s repertoire. However, the sexual aspects of tantra can also be explored in fun ways that address lovers’ sexual aspirations directly. Under the tutelage of an accomplished tantra teacher, tantra games – often inappropriately clubbed under ‘sexercises’ – can vastly improve lovers’ sensual and sexual experience.

A certain degree of adeptness in the deeper aspects of this ancient art of erotic love is necessary before lovers can explore the joys of sexual tantra games. Once the requisite proficiency in the basics has been reached, lovers can use these sexual games to significantly enhance their ability to communicate intimately with each other. A tantra master will often introduce tantra games early in the course of his instructions if a couple reports that their sex life has lost a lot of its sizzle and appeal.

If you want to instantaneously revive some of the lost intimate and spiritual connection between yourself and your partner, you may use certain basic tantra games for immediate results. However, do remember that instructions from a proficient tantra teacher are necessary before you use these tantra techniques. Without the right mindset, these three ‘sexercises’ will fall seriously short of their fullest effect.

Here are three such tantra games:

  • Disrobe each other languidly and reverently – yet provocatively – to the strains of soothing music. Do not hurry – rather, let each item of clothing fall in synchronization with the rhythm of the music. Keep your gazes locked as much as possible during the process.
  • Submit completely to each other in turn. Assign five to ten minutes during which your lover can do with you as he or she pleases – however, avoid direct genital contact during this game. Then take your own turn. Remember, complete surrender is essential. While in the submission phase of this tantra game, you may either keep your eyes fixed on your lover’s or keep them closed. A blindfold is also an excellent prop for this ‘sexercise’.
  • Put on soothing music and follow its strains to play your lover’s body like a musical instrument. Let your imagination take over and pretend that his or her body is either a stringed instrument to be plucked or a piano whose keys need to be tapped to evoke musical magic.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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