The Rex Grossman Factor

What is the Rex Grossman Factor you ask? Why poor Rex? I am from Chicago and he is the poster child for what I am about to write. “The Rex Grossman Factor” consists of three parts, the first part would be achieving a high level of success at your position, second is having your confidence shattered by bashing fans and media, and third the total collapse of everything you have aimed at your entire life.

Basically Rex Grossman brought a winner where ever he went.  Leading his Bloomington South (IN) High School team to a 5A title in 1998, passing for 3080 yards and 44 touchdowns. Also being named the Player of the Year in Indiana and named to the All American team. Yeah, Rex was on his way to doing something special. Noted and tagged as one of the best Midwest perspective quarterbacks. Rank in the top five in the nation.

Off to the University of Florida he went. I am not going to bore you with stats and junk too much, so bear with me. Rex was the runner up for the Heisman trophy his sophomore year. Let’s face it, 9164 yards in three seasons speaks for itself, even if there is no defense in college. He broke all kinds of records, fifth all time in his conference for passing, the list goes on and on.

Drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 1st round (22nd overall) and signed on July 25th, 2003.   Things were looking good for Rex and Chicago. We finally had a quarterback, even though he had not seen a single NFL snap in his life, he was the band-aid that was going to stop the Chicago quarterback bleeding. Rex was a winner, having more promise than any quarterback the Bears had thrown on the field.

Rex is then sidelined at the start of the 2003 season and Chris Chandler and Kordell Stewart get the call as starting quarterback, under the workings of Dick Jauron. 

Goodbye Dickie, Hello Lovie. In 2004 Lovie, newly appointed head coach of the Chicago Bears, proclaims “Rex is our quarterback.”   Rex starts the season and three games in, has a season ending torn ACL. As Bears fans we are used to seeing our quarterbacks take a beating, so okay, we will have to move forward with out him

2005 comes and the Bears are looking great, and feeling great. Rex then breaks his ankle in a preseason game and misses most of the season. However he was able to come back at the end of the year and put the Bears past the Green Bay Packers to clinch a playoff spot. And was then defeated by the Carolina Panthers in a game where Rex was tense and nervous and never really found a groove the entire game.

Now this is our year. 2006 comes along and Rex is healthy and boy can he throw the ball, we all think as Bears fans. We blow through the first half of the season, Rex is named player of the month in September, had seven games over a 100 passer rating, and yes five games that were atrocious. Primarily he was what we had to work with and he was in fact working.

We go to the Super Bowl and Rex had already begun taking criticism for just about everything he did on the field, getting us to the Super Bowl wasn’t good enough for the media or the fans, we were calling for a General, a Captain, to take charge and lead our troops to victory. Well, I don’t think Rex ever wanted to be that, but he had this expectation he created early in the season and wanted to live up to it, putting so much undo pressure on himself to reach that level of play, that Rex had began to break down mentally, never really finding a way to consistently stay on top of his game. Bears lose the Super Bowl to Indianapolis Colts, season over.

Now if you were to talk to any Bears fan, its all Rex Grossman’s fault that the Bears lost Super Bowl 41. In fact after that, everything the Bears did wrong, it was Rex’s fault. The media and the fans, just day in and day out calling for his head, just saying the nastiest things and tearing the poor guy down. It was awful.

2007 comes along and Rex has a rough couple of starts when Soldier Field is booing Rex Grossman just for being on the field, and chanting Brian Griese’s name. The kid from Indiana with the golden arm that was going to take us somewhere was done. Having only played in just 28 games, Rex carried a record of 23-5.

“The Rex Grossman Factor” is that of the many things that make or break all these athletes, is not what you see on the field or on the court. But it is what these guys have to deal with day in and day out. All the exposure they receive, especially in a big city like Chicago, finding a way to maintain a level head, and manage all the crap that is thrown their way.

 I listened to song on the radio that someone had remixed, about Rex Grossman, when the Bears were undefeated in the fall of 2006. He was the lord our savior. A year later people want to see his head in a guillotine. Why, because he didn’t win The Super Bowl and played badly. He was then criticized to the point no human being should, he is not the devil and he is not even that bad of a quarterback, but if you believe what you see and hear, you would think that Rex Grossman would eat your children and take your pop warner football team to the toilet. 

My heart goes out to any of these guys who make a mistake on the field and can’t take the pressure. If we had people in our lives that were doing that to us every single second of every single day, some of us would not be able to perform our duties and what have you. I know that they are professionals, and it’s what raises them above everyone else, it’s why they are getting paid to play kids games and be role models and super stars. But the fans and the media make it something it doesn’t have to be. 

Enough already! Stop trying to tear all these guys down, to me it is the same as the people who bash Jessica Simpson for gaining a few extra pounds or Britney Spears is at the bar having a drink Why do we hold people like this to such a higher standard than we do ourselves. Just being in the public eye doesn’t make you any different than anyone else, we are all the same. I hate to think that we live in a society where we feel better about ourselves by making other people feel like they are completely inadequate. We are creatures of habit and repetition, most people that are bombarded with negativity, all the time, become susceptible to believing it themselves, virtually shattering their will or want to do anything.

So that my friends is “The Rex Grossman Factor”

Source by Matthew Consalvo

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