The Real Secret to Planning Tea For Two For a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Tea for two conjures up all kinds of romantic ideas for Valentines Day. In fact, it is a solution for a romantic encounter any time. Keeping the spark alive in a relationship means making “special” alone time for one another. It is important to reconnect and remind each other just how important you are to one another.

Hosting a tea party is easy and fun. For the men out there wanting to do something special, impressive, romantic yet easy, I have the solution.

These ease and preparation for a tea party can be simple. The first step is to decide where and when you want to plan the party. If this is going to be a surprise for your significant other, make sure that you both have your schedules clear. Plan a time when you know there will not be any interruptions.

Because this is to be a romantic encounter, you should be very creative with how you invite your partner. Allow yourself to be creative and have some fun. Let your personality shine through. The invitation can set the tone and create anticipation.

A creative suggestion is to write an invitation using a favorite poem or romantic quote. Make a video of some special times with pictures of you together and send the invitation with an up close and personal invitation via email. Want to be silly? Fill their vehicle with colored balloons and an invitation.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to tell them it will be tea for two, the time and their attire. If you want this to be a dressy or casual affair, make sure you let your partner know. If you have a special activity planned, such as dancing, a movie or some other interest you share, make sure to let them know what to expect.

You may consider a theme that has special meaning to you and your partner. Maybe you want her to put on her wedding dress or a tropical outfit to celebrate a special time you had at the beach. What ever you decide, continue your theme with the decorations.

Once you have identified your theme, it is time to plan the decorations. Planning for a tea party can be as simple or as sophisticated as you choose. For a simple, but elegant approach, use a linen table cloth. You can use any color that goes with your theme. If you are unsure, a crisp white table cloth is a great start and you can use any colors to complement your table. Linen napkins and the good china creates an atmosphere of this is special.

Remember to light candles. Dim the lights and allow the candle light to create a feeling of romance. Plan your music ahead of time. Do you have special songs that have meaning for the both of you? Do you have a special group or singer that you both enjoy listening to when you are together? Make sure you have the music playing quietly in the background to set your mood.

Planning a menu for a tea party can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Tea sandwiches or finger foods are simple and easy to prepare ahead of time. If you are going to be ordering from your favorite restaurant make sure you have the dishes ready to serve.

Start with a special toast of champagne or sparkling cider or a tea cocktail. Make sure you have a camera available for the evening. It is so important to capture your memorable moments for future memories.

This is a time for just the two of you. Make sure you have foods that you both enjoy. A tea party always has a mixture of sweet and savory foods. You can make or purchase a tray of cookies, small tarts and chocolate covered strawberries ahead of time. This is about having time together, so take time to plan foods that you can prepare ahead of time and serve with ease.

Be sure to prepare a favorite tea for each of you to enjoy. There are so many to choose from. A Chinese white such as Silver Needle a high quality delicious and delicate tea may be just right. A Jasmine Green may please both the taste and the senses or the ever popular Darjeeling black are just a few or the myriad of loose leaf teas you will find.

Looking for romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day? Tea for two is your solution to a memorable evening. Take pictures of the planning, the preparation and the evening of you together. It will be a great and romantic gift you both can enjoy for years to come.

Source by Connie Bednar

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