The Power Of Tantra Goddess Worship

A tantra teacher is often asked why ancient tantra gives such a very high level of importance to the female of the human species. To this, I say that the concept of the tantra goddess is the focal point of this emphasis. Just as various religions offer devotion to their respective idols, a person following the tantric path worships the divine feminine in the form of the tantra goddess.

In fact, tantra goddess worship binds a man-woman relationship like nothing else can. The spiritual energy which is created with the regular practice of tantra goddess worship is extremely powerful and can be likened to the magnetic energy that binds two appropriately charged metal objects together. Both the worshiper and the worshiped are immensely empowered and transformed in tantric goddess worship.

For the man, his connection to the tantric goddess in his life allows him to tap into her divine attributes, and into the cosmic aspects of her sensuousness. When the masculine and feminine energies merge in this act of worship, both are filled with a sense of joy and fulfilment which no other human experience can match.

This is the reason why the tantra goddess is the focus of ancient tantra, and the central figure in all tantric practices. Every woman is the embodiment of Shakti, the celestial consort of Shiva, with whom she shares a connection of such power that humans may see it as the ultimate male-female relationship model and most worthy of emulation.

As a tantra teacher, I must emphasize that this connection is not merely sexual. While sex is certainly an inextricable part of human intimacy, tantra aims to elevate human relationships above the mere physical level and infuse them with divine attributes. This is not achievable merely by good intentions but must be bulwarked by actual practice.

Tantra goddess worship takes many forms, and a tantra teacher must initiate those seeking to follow the tantric path into the specific tantric rituals and practices involved in tantra goddess worship.

When a woman becomes the object of such worship, she blooms like a rose. In the absence of the right soil nutrients, water and adequate sunlight, a rose can survive but never flourish. It cannot spread its beauty and fragrance to the world. But when the right elements are available, a rose becomes a thing of beauty and delight to others.

Needless to say, the beloved of a woman who blooms under the influence of tantric goddess worship receives her choicest blessings. She becomes as devoted to him as he is to her. And this is the essence of the tantric relationship.

Are you willing to elevate your relationship with your beloved to such a divine status? Do you wish to experience the ultimate joy of the tantric relationship? The do not hesitate – seek out a genuine tantra master and begin your journey on this spiritual path of joy and fulfillment.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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