The Partnership Between The Client and The Telemarketing Firm

No one can serve two masters.

A cashier cannot be the treasurer. A manager cannot be the secretary. An executive cannot be the events organizer. The bottom line is no one or not a thing can excel in two tasks at the same time. The same is true with business organizations. There are tasks that they can do alone. Yet, there are other duties better done by another company. Provided, that it is more cost-effective, more productive and more profitable. Indeed, the partnership between a client company and a telemarketing company transcends business activities into another level.

The truth speaks that more companies improved their financial figures, popularity and goodwill when it invested in seeking a telemarketing service provider. They have found out that instead of generating one’s own, outsourcing services proved to be more fruitful.

Customer satisfaction and retention increased. Money is saved because costs are cut. The integrity, objectivity and unflinching services of the telemarketers, which bring the company’s name, marked in every customer’s mind and heart.

Lead Generation

A telemarketing company has served a vital role in the whole sales process. It offers its client the required number of sales leads for a particular geographical region and period. To be successful, the telemarketing company must learn the product specifications as well as company data. The information will guide telemarketers on how to give correct information when prospects ask them.

This lead mapping aided the client firm in knowing who are interested on its goods and services. Even before the prospects are determined, the client company has the benefit of time to construct techniques in closing the sales.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is as important as lead generation. Since not all sales prospects decide to buy, services are to be catered constantly. These include answering inquiries, giving updates, stating new information etc.

Studies and researches attest that leads generated will be gone if not taken care of. With telemarketing company as the client‘s partner, lead nurturing is practiced. It is the commitment to keep in touch which end up prospects as closed sales.

Appointment Setting

One of the most significant tasks of a telemarketing service provider is appointment setting. By this, a telemarketer uses cold-calling to set-up an appointment wherein the sales representative/s of the client company and the prospect will meet.

This activity gives a lot of help to the client firm. First, the sales representative will be able to prepare for the meeting. Second, it cuts down on time that is unproductive. The idea that the prospect wants to meet the sales representative is a clear indication that the former is really interested in buying. Lastly and equally important, the sales people know the prospect beforehand.

Indeed, the partnership does not only make the two parties beneficial. Sales prospects also gained their benefits. Awareness is the first one. Customers are more after the service provider relayed to them relevant information about a particular product. Convenience is another thing. Through appointment setting, the client firm will meet with the prospects to close the sales, instead of the prospects looking for the client firm.

The bigger picture in this alliance is the implicit idea that one company is helping the other and vice versa. When a business entity contracted a telemarketing firm, the former created employment and tax revenues to the latter and other third parties, like suppliers of computer system, chairs, tables, etc. When a telemarketing company tenders its services to its client, it aided the latter in business stability and growth. Finally, with the combined efforts of the two firms, services to customers are better.

After all, no one can serve two masters.

Source by Belinda R Summers

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