The Dark Side Of UFOs

When we hear about UFOs, it is usually a sanitized version of what happened. The stories of violent UFOs attacking places and people are not usually mentioned. One has to wonder why this is. One of the first thoughts which comes to mind about this is some of the attacks might have been accidental and even caused by UFOs we are developing. I can’t help but remember the two women and one child that had a diamond shaped UFO stop over their car. It was so hot it peeled the paint from the vehicle and burned the two women who went outside. They eventually got cancer from it so it was probably nuclear powered. It sounds like something we were developing and the fact it was surrounded by helicopters might have meant it was in trouble and they came to escort it back to the base. Sure this is all speculation, but have you ever heard of UFOs allowing us to escort them while they had power, I haven’t?

The year was 1977 and a Brazilian island named Colares was being visited by an armada of UFOs. The reason for this is not clear. They were of all sizes and shapes which might indicate there were more than one alien race interested in this island and its people. The people on the island were being used as targets by the UFOs and they would project beams onto them regularly. At least two were killed and others suffered serious injury. It got so bad people who lived on the island left it in fear for their lives. Some of the people who were hit with the rays from the UFOs fainted and when they awoke they had amnesia. It was as if their knowledge was being taken from them. Strange things were seen in the sky and one of them looked like an open umbrella with lights shining down from it. It was only about 10 feet in the air, when some of the men from the town saw it, it flew away. Why was it this story seemed to be ignored? I think at least one of the reasons had to be the fact the government of Brazil was helpless to do anything about it.

Robert Bigelow is a famous space pioneer. He states he has been studying UFOs for many years and he has reached a conclusion and it is you don’t want to have a personal encounter with one. He said, “People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.” Bigelow said this during an interview with the New York Times. He is currently building a spaceport in New Mexico. Some have said he is referring to the planes which have disappeared when they went after UFOs, but I think he means more. If one does some research they will find some pretty horrible things connected with UFOs, things which are not talked about very much. Let me give you an example, human body parts have been found after people were abducted and the parts belonged to the abducted people. A man in Montour Ridge in Northumberland County near Northumberland, Pennsylvania was abducted by a UFO in 2002. The police assigned a detective to investigate. The man had got onto his 4 wheeler and told his wife he would be back in a few hours. When he didn’t return a search was organized and it went on for two days until something was seen. Police had to hack at a tree for over 25 minutes to reach the object which looked like a body. It was the body of the missing man. He was in his underwear and all the fluid had been drained from his body. Witnesses had seen a large bright round object in the area and said it made no sound. They saw the object pull something up into the light. That something was presumably the abducted man. Nothing was found to show the man had been murdered except for his body being completely drained.

In 1956 a very violent abduction of a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force took place. His name was Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette and he had been abducted from the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. He had gone out into a field with a Major Cunningham. They were looking for pieces of a missile from a test. Sgt. Lovette went over a ridge on a sand dune. The Major then heard terrible screams coming from the other side of the dune that sounded like they came from Lovette. The Major then ran over the ridge and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Lovette was being dragged into a disc shaped UFO which was hovering above the ground about 20 feet from the ridge. There was a long thin object wrapped around the legs of the sergeant and it was like he was being reeled into the ship. The saucer had been confirmed by radar sightings. When the Major went back to the base and told his superiors what had happened search parties were sent out. The search went on for three days until the sergeant’s naked body was found about ten miles downrange. He had been mutilated. His tongue had been removed, he had been cut from his chin down the front of his neck. He had his sex organs removed along with his eyes. He had other body parts removed and his blood had been completely drained.

In 1994 the body of a man who had been abducted was found in the Guarapiranga reservoir near the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is believe he was the victim of terrible alien medical procedures and the reason for this reasoning is the way he was mutilated. The autopsy report states, “We observed the removal of the right and left orbital areas, emptying of the mouth cavity, pharynx, oropharynx, neck, right and left armpit area, abdomen, pelvic cavity, right and left groin area.” This was very similar to what was done to sergeant Lovette in the above case.

There are far more abduction cases we know of where humans are abducted and then released by aliens than there are cases where humans are abducted and killed. We must remember this, millions of people disappear every year and many times are never heard from again. Maybe they are part of these gruesome experiments and we don

Source by Kenneth McCormick

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