The BEST aoe DAMAGE Companion!? Use this Keybind! MAX her Damage – Neverwinter M20

So which companion is the best for aoe damage? Which to use to kill those enemies as fast as possible? Well I highly recommend using Xuna! She is pretty much the best, but why? I go over this in the video and explain what I use to maximize her damage output.
Here is the keybind I use:
/bind V “GenSendMessage Pets_Summonedupdatenewskin_Checkbox clicked”
You can replace the “V” with any particular key you wish.
One thing to keep in mind; after you login the “update automatically” check box may be unchecked, the keybind may not work the first time if you start your game with it unchecked. Just check it and the keybind will work thereafter.


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