The Basics Of Tantra Ideology

Ancient tantra was formulated and designed to transform the human being – sexually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. The ancient Indian sages whose secrets have been passed down from one tantra teacher to another had deep insight into all aspects of human existence. These original tantra masters knew what held us back from accepting and maximizing our essential divine nature.

As a result of their observations and research, these mystics developed various tantra techniques and precepts to aid us on our path of spiritual, emotional and sexual liberation. The basic principles on which their teachings are based can be classified under four broad categories.

The first principle concerns being completely present in the here and now. Under the tutelage of an experienced tantra master, the student of tantra must learn to exist uncompromisingly in the present moment. This ability is very hard to master, and is achieved only through rigorous practice of tantra meditation techniques.

The human mind is an inveterate gypsy in the realm of thoughts and the senses. It is difficult to narrow down its focus to the present moment. Tantra meditation teaches us to experience every nuance of the ‘now’. This, in turn, gives us the power to enjoy every aspect of sexual intimacy as well.

The next principle that your tantra teacher will coach you in is open-heartedness and open-mindedness. You need to vanquish your fears of intimacy and overcome your socially induced biases. The limitations that your parents, teachers and other ‘moral guardians’ placed on your psyche were based on their own perceived limitations. Your tantra teacher needs to break down various prejudices before he can reach your true, unblemished heart and mind. This is often a painful process, depending on how straight-jacketed your psyche is when you begin your tantra instructions.

The third principle of tantric practice involves the breaking down of the ego, which is your biggest deceiver. Your ego tends to play tricks with your true reality – in other words, it prevents you from seeing yourself as you really are. It does not allow the man to see his partner as a tantra goddess, but merely as a woman – and often an objectified one. By the same coin, the ego makes the woman see nothing more than a man in her partner – not the tantra god that he really is. The Shiva and Shakti deities are denied their rightful existence and pre-eminence. How can the spirit of tantra flourish?

Finally, the tantric student learns to accept and merge with his or her divine nature. When a tantra master sees the divine glow of realization, humility and joy in his student’s eyes, he knows his task is accomplished. No longer are you merely a terrestrial being hemmed by concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, decent and indecent. You see yourself as the Universe sees you – and in turn, your partner becomes a divine being in your eyes.

Then begins the celestial dance. Then the true benefits of studying the ancient tantric arts manifests. Then sex becomes divine, and intimacy and cat of worship.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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