Text Message Abbreviations – SMS Dictionary Examples

Basically, this is just another expression for SMS dictionary, or SMS shortcut. These abbreviations are simply the text messaging shortcuts that people use each and every day to make sending SMS messages so much quicker and easier. Some of the shortcuts below are only used for instant messenger messages, or at the end of a text message to convey the mood of the person sending the text message. Some of the txt msg shortcuts are good examples of how people shorten words when they send text messages.

So let’s take a look at some common text message abbreviations, then.

SMS Abbreviations:

Anything - NTHING

Are you OK - RUOK?

Are - R

Ate - 8

Be - B

Before - B4

Be seeing you - BCNU

Cutie - QT

Date - D8

Dinner - DNR

Easy - EZ

Eh? - A?

Excellent - XLNT

Fate - F8

For - 4

For your information - FYI

Great - GR8

Late - L8

Later - L8R

Lots of love/laughs - Lol

Love - LUV

Mate - M8

Please - PLS

Please call me - PCM

Queue/cue - Q

Rate - R8

See/sea - C

See you later - CU L8R

Speak - SPK

Tea - T

Thanks - THX

Thank you - THNQ

To/too - 2

To be - 2B

Today - 2DAY

Tomorrow - 2MORO

Want to - WAN2

What - WOT

Work - WRK

Why - Y

You - U


Happy/Smiley -:-)

Angry - :-||

Very happy - :-))

Confused - %-)

Tongue tied - :-&

Sad - :-(

Saintly - O:-)

Laughing - :-D

Crying - :'-(

Surprised/shocked - :-O

Screaming - :-@

Kiss - :-*

Pig - :@)

Clown - *:-)

Wink - ;-)

There are more SMS shortcuts that could make up a so-called SMS dictionary, but the more words you use the less effective the shortcuts are as people stop understanding what you’re actually saying.

In this case, a short ‘vocabulary’ is best so everyone knows what is being said.

Source by Steve Nash

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