Tea – Relaxation For The Rest Of Us

Tea maybe – Champagne maybe

Two beverages that are not really so far apart. Why would we compare tea and champagne?

I’m picturing a woman who enjoys the best of everything. She actually has the best of everything.

When she wants to relax at home she likes to soak in a hot tub. Her tub is a work of art. Water will heat to the exact temperature she likes. Soothing bubbles will give her body a gentle massage. Lit candles are scattered all around the ledge. She has sprinkled lavender over the top of the water which gives off an aromatic scent.

On a tray sitting somewhere near her hand she has placed a Fabergé Caviar dish holding the finest Caviar. She likes something to nibble on while she relaxes. Also on the tray sits a Baccarat crystal champagne glass filled with her favorite champagne.

She is surrounded with beautiful music drifting from the speakers of her high end whole house speaker system. A heated towel and robe sit ready to wrap her in warmth when she is done.

Her cell phone is turned off. There is nothing to disturb her as she sinks down into the soothing water. She opens the book that is lying on the tray and goes off into a world even more dazzling than the one she lives in.

Relaxation for the rest of us

We may not have a tub with bursts of water shooting around our bodies. It may not have a ledge wide enough to hold candles and a tray. We can still relax. We can still pamper ourselves. We can make ourselves feel special. We can add bubble bath to our water and place candles on the sink. Let’s bring in a folding tray to place our snack on. No home stereo system, no problem, just a radio will be fine. You won’t want to put the radio too near the tub. Water and electricity don’t mix well.

OK, so we can’t afford Caviar and champagne. A cup of tea is what helps me to relax and scones are one of my favorite treats.

Darjeeling is described as the champagne of teas. Both chamomile and lavender teas are known for their relaxing qualities. What’s important is that the one you choose is one you really enjoy drinking.

I like to make a whole batch of scones and freeze them for moments like this. Defrost a scone or two and spread them with your favorite jam. Or bake up a fresh batch of scones or another favorite treat. Place them on a special plate with a napkin folded in the shape of a fan or even a simple triangle.

The rest of us don’t usually do champagne, but most of us can do tea. A chamomile or lavender tea says it’s time relax. If it makes us feel pampered use a wine glass for the tea. Enjoy seeing the color as well as the flavor as we relax. Pour extra tea in a thermos, wrap it in a napkin or place a pretty piece of fabric around it. Tie it with a bow. Place these things on the folding tray near the tub. By the way, don’t forget that book.

Before starting the water for your tea throw a towel or two into the dryer. Toss your robe in there too. When everything is ready, take the towels out of the dryer fold them and place them in a plastic bag to help keep them warm.

Now sink down into the soothing water and reach for your tea. Open that book and drift off to the same world our lady who has every material thing is in.

Source by Connie Bednar

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