Tantric Bathing Ritual

If you have ever enjoyed a Tantric bathing ritual, then you most certainly have discovered one of the most efficient ways to combat stress and relax. These sessions are offered by many massage and Tantric centers in the big cities and are conducted by experienced Tantric Goddess, who will introduce you to one of the most sensual and enjoyable experiences.

A Tantric bathing ritual starts by setting the appropriate atmosphere, and could be seen as an ancient aromatherapy and massage session, where scented oils, rose petals, breathing, and massaging come all together. The Goddess typically helps the receiver to undress and prepare for the massage and can start the session with a few breathing exercises, which will help him or her relax. Various cleansing rituals and mediation are also often involved and the therapist would massage the neck, shoulders, and temples while the Shiva is enjoying the warm water, aromatic scents, and the soft music.

The Tantric bathing ritual also often precedes the full body Tantric massage and is used as an interlude, which aims at preparing the receiver and helping him open up and embrace the magical touch by his Goddess. Once you have been to a few sessions yourself, you could also bring along a partner if this is approved by the tantric center, or you can do this at home. Even if you take the time to enjoy the ritual once a week, you will feel extremely relaxed, calm, and full with energy, which is what most of us, who suffer from the stress associated with a busy life need.

The duration and the exact procedures could vary from one place to another, but session of one to one and a half hours are the norm, and almost all of them involve various soaps, scented candles, soft music, and the magical touch of a Tantric Goddess. You can use a massage.com/”>Tantric bathing ritual session as rewarding yourself after a stressful week or you can give it to your partner as a wonderful gift that he or she would greatly appreciate. The sensual bath ceremony is an ideal method of pampering yourself and channeling your energy in a way that will help you lead balanced and fulfilling life.

Source by Peter Kerl

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