Sweaty Feet Fetish – And Where to Find Partners

A branch of foot fetish is sweaty feet fetish. It is also not as uncommon as you would think. The scent of sweat on the feet of a desirable person acts as a sexual stimulus. This means directly sniffing the smelly feet, socks or shoes of a person we find sexually desirable is a sexual aphrodisiac. Although this fetish is quite popular, finding an appropriate dating service is next to impossible.

In my experience, there are a couple of methods to find partners who have a sweaty feet fetish of their own.

You can try online classifieds like Craigslist.com. On the front page of your area’s Craig’s List, you will see a search box. Type in words like “feet”, “sweaty feet”, and then select personals from the drop-down menu. You will get a current list of potential foot fetish partners.

I would advise against joining a dating service aimed at feet. These tend to charge for membership (and I always prefer free dating) and often their profiles are fake, created to lure new members.

Another method that works in my experience is searching for people on popular dating communities. You can usually find a service that offers a free account to new members. Then you search in the same way as you would on Craig’s List. The advantage of using a popular dating site, however, is that you can receive lists of local people who are all currently online. Moreover, you can instantly message each person, too.

So, using such a service, means simply putting in a search for people who have a sweaty feet fetish, selecting to see only people who are online right now, and then sending each person an instant message. More often than not, this is a quick and sure method of finding a partner who likes smelly feet.

Source by Davina Anderson

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