Success Is Subjective

Each of us has desires to achieve something in life. Some of these desires are unique with each individual while some are common amongst us. Most of us like to be rich, hold an important position in society or want to have our dream-house / job /life partner.

When we have someone else who posses any of the items which we have in our wish list, we conclude that he/she is a successful person and envy him/her. But who is qualified to decide about achievements in the path of success? It is the person who has to experience this success and no one else. An outsider does not have enough knowledge about the real agenda/desires of a person (as these are personal and seldom made public), so any comment made on that is not really relevant.

If you hit a jackpot by chance, others may perceive you as a successful person. But, what’s about you? Do you feel the sense of achievement by hitting the jackpot?

A reward or prize is given by others as deemed fit by them or it is an expression of value they attach to you. It has nothing to do with your desire(s).

Success can only be measured /assessed in context with the desire(s) we have to achieve something. But most of the time desires are not focused and clarity is absent in spite of rich contents (of desires).

Each of us has a list or bag of desires where contents are dynamic (keeps on changing with time and situation/experience). These desires are responsible for pushing us into many directions or motivating for doing the required work.

Consciously or unconsciously, we keep working on our desires and convert them into goals to be achieved. Goals are refined desires with clarity and quantification. It is with respect of these goals one should gauge success.

If I set up a goal for me (whether declared to outside world or not) to run for 100 meters daily within 15 seconds, following are the example of clear failure on my part-

1. Running for 99.99 meters or less on any day.

2. Irregular running (not sticking to daily routine decided in the goal) even if it is for 1000 meters on some days.

3. Completing 100 meter run in 14.59 seconds on any day.

If you feel problem with achieving success consider following suggestions-

  1. Each goal is unique and has to be dealt with context and meaning as perceived by you -‘the creator of that goal’.
  2. The goal(s) are either achieved in totally or dropped altogether. Sometimes amending or modifying the goal(s) is OK in the light of changed reality or circumstances. But if you modify too much then its time to examine and improve on your belief system or faiths rather than feeling guilty.
  3. Our list of goal(s) is dynamic not static. On one side you will be achieving your goals set by you on the other side new goals will be added due to desires. Enjoy the dynamics of this list and keep it lively.
  4. Within our goal list, items have positions and priorities attached. This position and priority can be changed by you, the owner of that list. Be conscious and judicious in this process of change.
  5. Be passionate about your goals. It’s your personal property. Examine and modify it needed. Why expect anyone else in the world to take interest in it?
  6. As we judge and criticize others, occasionally judge and criticize yourself also. Evaluate your performance and plan for the schemes to do better next time.


Source by Deepak Dixit

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