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British doctor on becoming close to millionaire dating fraudster

A British doctor, 36, has revealed how she dated the business partner of the fake millionaire dating fraudster who is exposed in the new Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler, and only realised after watching the show. 

The 36-year-old, who has requested to remain anonymous, had a whirlwind relationship with a friend of Israeli conman Simon Leviev, 31, who is suspected of conning women out of £7.4million.

She met Leviev’s friend Avi on dating app Tinder in December 2017 and was wined, dined and treated to overnight stays in London and Berlin.

She said her relationship with Avi fizzled out because she couldn’t see herself being part of the ‘crazy jetset lifestyle’ which he led with business partner Simon. 

She said: “I was going to London a lot to stay with friends at weekends at the time and I was going on Tinder. If someone is paying you attention, it’s a great way to forget about your ex.

“I did meet a few people in London, and then Avi’s profile suddenly popped up. It was full of pictures of him on private Jets and in luxury cars. 

“He seemed to have a fun life, and dressed well. He seemed nice and I liked the idea of meeting someone successful.

“We matched immediately after I swiped right, and he started sending me messages straight away over Tinder.

“I was worried that he was probably a Catfish, but I didn’t think that I had anything to lose as long as I was careful.”

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