Seducing Strippers

I have always loved going to strip clubs, but until recently I had no clue how easy seducing strippers can be.

For years I would go out to gentlemen‘s clubs only to come home alone at the end of the night, about a hundred dollars poorer and still sexually frustrated. Yeah, I’ll admit it.

Often I would think that I would have been better off going to a normal bar with normal girls, but you see, I’ve just got this thing for strippers!

Little did I know that while I was wasting all of my money on stupid lap dances and pricy booze (like champagne) I could have been skipping all those stripper games and actually hooking up with these hot little strippers instead.

Look, if you think seducing a stripper is impossible or you buy into that bull about how strippers only hook up with the rich, famous, or super tough MMA fighter type dudes – have I got news for you!

Regular guys like me, who aren’t rich, famous, or particularly “rugged” are seducing exotic dancers ever day of the week.

I even know guys who are scoring threesomes with two dancers at a time back in their modest apartments. Sound to good to be true? Believe me, getting it on with a girl in the back room, totally free of charge, really isn’t that hard to pull off!

Here’s the thing about picking up strippers, it’s all about flirting skills and conversation tactics. Really, that’s all it is, just like with any other girl.

You’ve just got to learn to stand out from all the other chump customers, so that she can see you as a datable guy instead of as a walking, talking ATM machine.

Most guys turn into zombies in a strip club. It’s like they lose all free will. They sit there grinning, drooling, and handing over twenty dollar bills to every girl who approaches them. You can’t seduce a stripper with game like that LOL!

Instead you’ve got to have a sort of laid-back cocky confidence. When you walk into a strip joint you’ve got to act like you own the place. Don’t even pay any attention to the girls until you see one you like, and then play around with her.

For instance, one of my favorite things to do when a stripper asks me if she can give me a lap dance is to act confused and pretend she is trying to buy a dance from me. I’ll look at her and smile and say “what, you want me to dance for you? Ok, but you better not try to get all handsy with me!”

The more you can tease her, the better. A stripper deals with boring horny customers all day, and these guys never tease her or flirt with her the right way.

When you do this you totally flip things around and she starts seeing you as an attractive guy.

Then you can start having some real rapport with her and bonding about her interests outside of working in the club. She’ll be so glad to spend some time with a guy who is on her level that picking her up will actually become easier than picking up a non-stripper chick!

Most guys never “get it” when it comes to understanding how strippers think and how to attract them. and most of the guys who do figure this stuff out waste years on trial and errors learning what works.

This next part is important, so pay attention:

Source by Chad Hooper

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