Secrets of Tantra – 2 – You Can Reawaken Your Relationship With the Circle of Love

Tantra in its essence is a circle of life energy flowing between two people. When that circle is flowing strongly you and your partner grow more and more deeply into harmony with each other. Your relationship comes alive. If you are single, you can still create this circle within yourself and so you discover the law of attraction. That is, the more you are filled with joy and life energy, the more attractive you become.

To understand what this life energy is, remember the first time you touched your partner or someone you felt drawn to. You probably felt a ripple like an electric current flowing between you. That is what is meant by energy. Sometimes, you may still feel it when making love and you know that something special is happening; something that often eludes you. This energy can heal your physical body and it will also heal your relationship.

Imagine your relationship naturally growing deeper and stronger with time. It is not so usual; in fact most couples grow apart with time. Yet it is not so hard to achieve. A little experiment with Tantra will show you how.

To begin, you sit facing each other with your knees just touching. If it is comfortable for you both, the woman may sit on the man’s lap. This is a most beautiful posture and it brings the energy centres or chakras close together.

The secret behind this meditative exercise is that the chakras are polarised. The man’s sex centre is positively charged or active. The woman’s is negatively charged or receptive. It is easy to feel this. Bring your awareness to your sex. Allow yourself to really notice how it feels. Usually, we tend to be shy of this. If you are a woman you will notice how the yoni (this Sanskrit word means ‘divine passage’) wants to pull in her beloved. If a man you know how the lingam (the ‘wand of light’) wants to grow big and move outwards and into your lover.

In the heart, it is reversed. The woman’s breasts naturally flow outwards to the beloved, be it her child or her man. The male is less comfortable with his heart. As it takes a little while for the woman’s sex centre to become responsive, so it takes time for the man’s heart to relax and become responsive. The woman’s heart centre is active. The man’s is receptive.

For a while, you simply sit together and feel each other. It’ll be good to have some music playing, something gentle that you both enjoy. Relax for few moments. Then bring your attention to the sex centre. The woman gives her attention to the in breath, breathing in her man’s life energy. The man focuses on the out breath, letting his fire flow out and into her. Allow your imagination to carry you, feel your breath is flowing in and out of your roots.

Once you are settled in this rhythm, give your attention to the heart. The man begins to feel his woman’s energy flowing in through his heart and the woman feels her warm aliveness flowing out through her breasts and into his chest. This is it: the Circle of Love. The life force is flowing in a circle from the man’s root chakra into the woman’s sex centre, up her spine and out through her breasts. From her breasts, it flows into the man’s heart, down his spine and out again through his lingam.

You can also feel this force flowing within you when you are not with a partner. The circle will flow up the front of your body from your sex to your heart and run back down through your spine to your roots again. If you do not have a partner, it is wonderful to do this on your own. It will heal and strengthen you and create within you a powerful attractive force.

Do more than just read about the Circle of Love. Try the experiment and see for yourself how your life force flows within you and without you. See how it bridges the gap between you and your lover, nourishing you both and bringing new life to the way you relate.

Source by Sudeva Hawkes

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