Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Defiant Zelensky ‘not afraid’ but warns Putin will attack Nato next

‘I’m not hiding’: Zelensky back in his office in Kyiv for the first time since invasion

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky returned to his Kyiv office on Monday night, declaring that he is “not hiding” from anyone and will stay in Ukraine for as long as needed to win the war started by Russia.

This was Mr Zelensky’s first visit to his office in the capital since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February.

Overnight attacks and shelling continued in parts of Ukraine, including Kyiv and Sumy, and the Kyiv suburb Bucha faced heavy artillery fire last night, mayor Anatol Fedoruk said.

“Dogs are pulling apart the bodies on the city streets. It’s a nightmare,” the mayor said.

To the west, tens of thousands in Lviv are facing starvation and homelessness, the city’s mayor announced.

Russia’s advance has slowed but it is on track to storm Kyiv, the Ukrainian army said on Monday after a third round of negotiations between the two nations hit a deadlock.

But the Ukrainian defence forces claim to have killed another top Russian military leader, Major General Vitaly Gerasimov.


Zelensky warns rest of Europe: ‘We will come first, you will come second’

“We are a place in Europe, a place of freedom, a zone of freedom,” he said in an interview with ABC News.

“When the limits of rights and freedoms are being violated and stepped on, then you have to protect us.

“Because we will come first, you will come second.”

He added: “Today, war is here. Tomorrow, it will be in Lithuania, then in Poland, then in Germany.

You can read the full story below.

Laurie Churchman8 March 2022 08:04


Live footage of Kyiv skyline

This is a live view of the Kyiv skyline.

Overnight, attacks and shelling continued across the country, including in Kyiv and the city of Sumy.

The Kyiv suburb Bucha faced heavy artillery fire last night, mayor Anatol Fedoruk said.

Ukraine’s president visited his office in the capital last night, declaring he is “not hiding” from anyone and promising to stay in Ukraine.

Watch live footage of the Kyiv skyline amid Russia-Ukraine war

Laurie Churchman8 March 2022 07:45


Russia: Safe evacuation corridors could open today

Safe corridors to let Ukrainian civilians escape Russia’s invasion could open today, Kremlin officials said.

But Ukrainian leaders greeted the plan with skepticism following renewed attacks over the weekend.

Previous proposals only allowed fleeing civilians to go to Russia or Belarus.

The UN’s aid chief said they should be allowed to leave “in the direction they choose”.

Laurie Churchman8 March 2022 07:23


UN aid chief seeks safe passage for civilians in Ukraine

Civilians in Ukraine should be allowed a safe passage in any direction they want, UN aid chief Martin Griffiths told a United Nations Security Council meeting over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine on Monday.

“The parties must take constant care to spare civilians and civilian homes and infrastructure in their military operations,” Mr Griffiths said.

He added: “This includes allowing safe passage for civilians to leave areas of active hostilities on a voluntary basis, in the direction they choose.”

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 06:59


Why is Nato reluctant to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine?

Enforcing a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine’s airspace to block the Russian Air Force from attacking cities has been a constant demand from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

But why is Nato not budging to declare so and shut the airspace?

Such a measure would require extensive policing, presumably by planes belonging to the Western allies representing Nato.

The Independent’s Joe Sommerland writes on this here:

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 06:28


Volunteers from other nations join Ukraine’s international legion

Ukrainian ground forces on Monday confirmed that the first batch of foreigners have joined their fight against Russian invasion and are fighting outside of Kyiv.

The volunteers are from the US, UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Mexico and India, the Ukrainian ground forces said.

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 06:20


Ukraine’s Lviv battles starvation, rising homelessness

Tens of thousands in western Ukraine’s Lviv are facing harsh conditions of depleting food and resources to sustain themselves after almost two weeks of war, officials said.

The mayor Andriy Sadovyi said that his administration is struggling to feed and house the affected civilians.

“We really need support,” he said.

The city needs big tents equipped with kitchens to house the people trying to escape bombings and artillery.

Lviv remains the main transit station for people leaving Ukraine to cross to Poland, with more than 1.7 million Ukrainians exiting via the city.

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 06:11


Overnight bombing in Kyiv, Sumy and Okhtyrka

Ukrainian officials said that the overnight shelling and attack continued for 13 night in a row, leaving people dead and injured.

Suburbs in Kyiv, Sumy and Okhtyrka were bombed, including residentials areas, officials said.

Another power plant was also damaged, regional leader Dmytro Zhivitsky said.

Number of casualties and injuries is not immediately clear.

Oil depots in Zhytomyr and neighbouring town Cherniakhiv were also attacked.

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 05:51


Dogs pulling apart bodies on city streets, says Ukrainian mayor

Kyiv’s suburb Bucha came under heavy artillery fire, the mayor said, adding that the situation on streets remains grim.

“We can’t even gather up the bodies because the shelling from heavy weapons doesn’t stop day or night,” Mayor Anatol Fedoruk said.

“Dogs are pulling apart the bodies on the city streets. It’s a nightmare,” the mayor said.

Bucha is one of the areas authorities from where authorities are seeking the opening of humanitarian corridors for letting civilians safely evacuate.

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 05:37


Japan’s Nissan to halt production in Russia

Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan will be likely stopping production at its plant in Russia because of “logistical challenges”.

The key Japanese carmaker has earlier stopped exports to Russia.

Officials at Nissan did not share a fixed date for halting production but said that it will stop “soon”.

The Nissan plant in St Petersburg produced 45,000 vehicles last year, including the X-Trail sport utility vehicle.

Arpan Rai8 March 2022 04:57

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