Read, Relax, Relate

“You will never earn the trust and respect of a person if you can’t sit down and carry a conversation with them.”

In order to effectively communicate and to bring the right people into your organization you will have to read them correctly and relate with them. In communication we all carefully develop what we are going to say to people in our minds’ before we actually speak to them. Even in the quickest or in the most informal conversations or atmospheres we think about what we are going to say in or mind before we say it based on how we analyze the person, the conversation and the situation before we actually begin speaking.

In the times when we do not read people and think before we talk we talk we can say the wrong things which can lead to conflict or fighting. When we carefully analyze and read the people who we will be speaking with we can carefully choose the best way of communicating our point across. Some people need more words in order for them to understand something which in this case could be your business when you are talking to potential leaders.

Some people will understand your business right away and some will be very motivated from the beginning. It is easy to read and communicate with them because when you are reading them you can tell that they are excited and you will have to use less words to explain your business to them based on their excitement and understanding of it.

Every person is different and that is why it is very important for you to take a few seconds to read people before you decide what and how much to say to them in your business or in any form of interaction in your lifetime.

The next important fundamental of communication and especially in business communications is to relax. If you are tense and not relaxed people are not going to trust you very much and this can cause them a little feeling of insecurity about you. If you want to show people that you are a leader and a fun, inspirational person to be around then you also have to have a relaxed attitude.

If you are worried, sound desperate and make you business sound like it is a chaos then you will not have much success in getting people to want to work with you, be around you or even just communicate with you because you will make them feel stressed out and if you are speaking about your business it will make them think that it is a stressor as well based on the tense way you present it.

If you relax then you will be able to calm people down and make them feel confident and secure. When you make people feel good like this they will want to be around you and communicate with you. This is how friendships begin. When you are relaxed and maintenance free you become the type of person that other people will want to be around due to your positivity and soothing tone.

The last step in successful communication is to relate with the people you communicate with. This is found in small talk and building rapport. Relating with your clients, future employees, future contractors or future business partners it is vital that you relate and find things in common that can help you bond together, trust one another and compliment each others’ weaknesses with.

It is so much harder to bring people into your business or make friends if you can’t have a solid conversation because you can’t find ways to relate with one another. This is why it is important to build this rapport up from the beginning and come in with a positive attitude because this is how you get people to like you when you strike up something that you can relate with and grow upon together in your simple conversation or for a lifetime of friendship.

Using empathy and putting yourself in their shoes is another excellent way to relate to people where you will be able to see each other eye to eye and you can directly help them with what they need help with by bringing your business or care into their lives.

Source by Jason Oberender

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