O'Hare VS Midway – Chicago's International Airports Compared

O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport are Chicago’s two bustling hubs for air travel. How do the two compare? Today I will be discussing their history, flights, amenities, transportation options, and more in a crash-course style comparison.
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My Geoguessr Maps:
Chicago and the Suburbs – https://geoguessr.com/maps/5c4691a598004e87dc4a6726
Illinois Cities and Towns – https://geoguessr.com/maps/5c7c95ba63939b8d38e854bd
Illinois – https://geoguessr.com/maps/5c7c2b6263939b8d38e84588
Lake Michigan Circle Tour – https://geoguessr.com/maps/5c7f51ca63939b8d38e8c7ba


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