Nomina – Fetish Daddy (Official Music Video)

„Fetish Daddy” is a powerful song, which deals with a very delicate topic in a very light-hearted way, which is easy to relate to for people from all walks of life.

However, the lyrics create a contrast with some emotional lyrics, which are fun and enjoyable, but also deeply toughs-provoking, dealing with the problem of sexual violence around the world.

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My humble thanks to:
Video Director: Mula ViP & team
Cinematographer: Drino Age & team
Behind scenes: Thomas Mabunda

Choreographer: Khadija Sibiya
Dancers: Mpilo, Darnel & Bea
Main Actors: Mpho Mamashela, Jerome Galiao, the beautiful school girls❣️
Actors: Kerapetse Seemule & Artwell Seemule

Organisation: Khomotso Kelsall
Costume Stylist: Mr.Ted & his assistant
Make up Artist: Pinini Matjeke

Music Producer: Orchidan Waworka, Nomina
Interlude: dvdv
Mixing: Rekesh Dukaloo (R.D.Musiq)
Mastering: Niko “Beatnok” Pavkovic
Raw instrumentals: Engelyrics-Botswana

Script: Pamela N Lembert
Sponser: Pamela N Lembert & Allrights GmbH
Recording Studio: Die Klangmacher GmbH

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This video was full of very positive people, i really felt the magic. You were all amazing in your own ways. So much dedication and passion is very rare. I am humbled❣️❣️❣️💪🏼So this is our result.. “Fetish Daddy”
#Africa #FetishDaddy #Nomina #Pop


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