Naughty Little Kitten Tales: The Secret Life of a Collared Girl! (Kittenplay)

Who doesn’t want to be a sexy little kitten? “Sex kitten,” “pussy,” “pussy cat,” “catcall”… there’s a reason humans find these beautiful creatures so alluring! They’re intense and passionate, sensual and mysterious… everything men desire and women aspire to be.

I’ve decided to indulge my fantasies and officially become a kitten myself! Kitten ears, collars, my own water bowl- I want to explore the world on my hands and knees like a true neko girl. [“Neko girls” (or “catgirls”) are the super cute half-human/half-cat creatures popular in romance anime and manga.]

Putting on my cat ears for the first time felt like dressing up on Halloween, it was a little awkward… but as I started moving my body around more gracefully like a cat, I really started enjoying this roleplay scenario. I can see why ‘petplay’ is a popular fetish with the bdsm community. If I put on my cat ears with a tight black corset, I feel the silky curves of a sexy feline coming out- I want to pounce on a hot piece of man-meat! (haha!) Putting myself into that mindset is surprisingly empowering. And if I wear soft white kitten ears with cute lace lingerie, I feel like a cute kitten ready to cuddle up in bed. Wearing kitten ears with my normal street clothes gives me a fun and playful vibe, full of energy for any adventure the day brings.

The bdsm community pushes kittenplay beyond a fashion fetish, it becomes a dom/sub relationship where the kitten roleplays with her master/owner. A generous master will often gift his kitten with a special collar for her to wear. Uncollared kittens are often referred to as “strays.” Like most subcultures, kittenplay grows into a lifestyle and gets practiced in and out of the bedroom… even if it appears as innocently as wearing a lock on a chain necklace in public. Ariana Grande likes to wear cat ears In public- maybe she’s secretly a kitten, too?

Making collars is one of the most satisfying parts of my kittenplay life so far, I love creating new looks. A heart name tag with delicate lace around my neck, or sharp spikes on black satin- the colors and possibilities are endless! I like to let my lingerie inspire my collars, but holidays are also a lot of fun.

Instagram has a quickly growing kitty community, everyone sharing pics of their collars and feline adventures. It’s a strong platform for experimentation and girl-power.

Source by N. Tasha

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