My Wife Wants a Divorce Because of My Affair

My wife says she wants a divorce because of my affair and she is very hurt. Being unfaithful in a relationship is just not the right thing to do and because of a single act in an affair, your relationship may end in a divorce. Deep down inside your heart, you do not want to lose her because you love her. You hope for another chance from your wife and you want to save this marriage. How can you save your marriage after an affair?

Affair is a form of betrayal of trust between couples and if you want to work out your marriage again, the first thing that you want to do is to sever ties with the woman you have an affair with. Even if you think that you can continue to be friends with the woman concerned, you still have to cut off all the connections with her keep a distance away if you want to avoid more misunderstanding and suspicion.

If you want your wife to stop thinking of having a divorce after your affair, you should also work on yourself. Probably you should be asking yourself few questions “Why did i cheat on my wife?” “Do I still love my spouse?” “What should you do to save your marriage?” As you run through the questions and think hard what you really want in your marriage, you will definitely be able to come out with better solutions.

There is no excuse for committing an affair and hence there is a need for you to explain and apologize to your wife. Be sincere in your apology. Do remember not to show out your desperation such as crying and begging when you are trying to apologize. Be responsible for your actions and never try to push away the blame for your affair.

You need to put in great effort and time to rebuild the trust in the marriage. Talk to her slowly and be patient. Tell her how you want to make this marriage better and always be truthful to her, even if it is the slightest issue. Bring out the happy times that both of you spent together.

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