Man Boobs – The Truth About How Women Really Feel About It

Have you been wondering whether your man boobs also known as Gynecomastia has been holding you back from dating then perhaps marrying the woman of your dreams? Heck, are you just wondering, as you look in the mirror, if the appearance of your mushy boobs might be a turn off to women. Well, read on to find out what most women really think about your condition.

In surveying 200 women most of the responses fit into the three categories below:

  1. Most women don’t want a man who has a woman’s figure. If they did, they would date other women.
  2. Most people have some fetish; however, the majority of women do not have a man boob fetish; so mark that off your list.
  3. A lot of women feel like if a man looks like he needs a bra it is time to do something about his problem.

It is important to note that even though many women were very direct in how they felt about man boobs, most added that if the man was working on correcting the situation they would give him a chance. It is my opinion women are so forgiving in this area because they know what it means to suffer with body image issues. Society dictates women should be thin and men should be tall, dark and handsome.

In the majority of cases, men ignore what society has to say about looks unlike women. However, in the case of men with moobs…well, things are different. This type of man normally does not feel desired by women and they tend not to feel masculine. You must stop this type of thinking at once because women like men with confidence.

Even you have man boobs now you must take control of your life. You have to be determined to do something about your condition. For instance, if you meet a woman, look her in the eye and be cordial. Don’t make a big deal about your situation. If it clear that she likes you, you can always let her know in a round about way that you are working on slimming your body and firming up your chest. Make sure you throw in a couple of other things you are working on so she doesn’t focus strictly on your man boobs.

So, the truth about how women feel about moobs is not as bad as you thought. OK, sure she may not like the appearance of your fleshy boobs right now, but as long as you are willing to rectify the situation she is willing to give the relationship a shot.

Source by Thornton Jacobs

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