Less Luggage; More Comfort

When the time draws closer for us to travel out of station, we gather all the important and most unimportant things in our lives assuming anything might be a necessity at some point of time in our journey. When the time comes to pack up one day before our journey, it is then we realize we are over our luggage limit. We use our discrimination and start removing few things we feel that are trivial. We make our luggage sufficient enough to travel. While on our comfortable journey, we realize how sensible we were in removing the extra luggage. It is only then do we realize the true essence of ‘Less luggage; more comfort.’

Similarly in our sojourn of Life, we keep on gathering extra luggage of ‘Desires.’ They keep increasing and so our stress and anxiety to fulfill those desires. Do we ever contemplate on how to reduce our desires? Less luggage of desires we have, the more comfort we experience out of it. Each piece of luggage called ‘desire‘ adds up to our already list of tensions. A multiplication of every desire leads to the swelling of greed in our selves.

We are willing to reduce our desires but how to control the desire to cut down our limitless desires? Let your life be comfortable enough to live peacefully but do not lead a lavish life. When a desire arises in you to acquire a thing, think with heart rather than mind and body. Ask yourself if you really are in need of it. Is your desire a necessity or a prestigious comfort? Let your conscience define the true meaning of necessity and then let your life move forward.

It is only with less luggage of desires, can you lead a comfortable life of ‘Peace.’ With your life leading thus, you will remain in the hearts of all for ever. Let your desire not be to fulfill your needs but to help the needy. Keep treasuring your luggage of ‘goodness’ and ‘service attitude’ for the great Lord to treasure you in His heart.

“Carry the luggage of goodness in your heart and let your life be free of burden.”
-Sharmila Sanka

Source by Sharmila Sanka

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