Ladies and Gentlemen: Kick Start Your Metabolism

You’ve started that new exercise program and this time you’re determined to reach your goals, nothing is going to get in your way! You have been doing everything right; diet, exercise and you feel like this time there is no stopping you… Until you step on the scales! A week worth of sweat and effort and all you’ve managed to lose is one lousy kilogram. What possible reason could there be for such a little reward for such a huge effort?

Does this sound familiar to you? Trust me you’re not alone and it’s the main reason why many people give up trying to change themselves for the better. It’s easier to put it in the “too hard” basket rather than finding out why this is (or is not) happening. Well I can tell you one of the main culprits in this all too familiar scenario is a tricky thing called your metabolism.

But what is Metabolism and how do we fix it?

Metabolism is the rate at which your body breaks down the food you eat and converts it into energy to keep you alive each day. You body requires a minimum amount of energy (kilojoules) every day to keep the important things such as your heart, lungs, brain and muscles alive and functioning. If you eat more than you need your body stores it as fat, too little and your body goes to those fat stores and uses them to keep you going.

So I can hear you thinking, this sounds too easy. All I have to do is eat less and I’ll lose weight. If only it was that simple! Your body is a very clever thing and if you start eating less and less the first thing that it does is puts the brakes on your metabolism! This is because it thinks you are starving so it shifts into survival mode in order to save precious energy to keep you alive. Then, to make matters worse, when you start to eat more again your body is already running slow so those extra kilojoules you’re now eating instantly get stored as, you guessed it, extra weight!

So how do you get around these tricky problems and get that metabolism firing the way that you want it to. Well there are a few ways and if you know what you are doing it’s not all that hard to achieve the goals you are after. Realistically it won’t happen overnight but with a little dedication to yourself and your goals it can happen. Read on to find out the simple things you can do to help.

1. Keep a diary of all the food you eat and exercise that you do each day. It’s also good to record your mood and how well you slept each day too. After a while you may start to notice a pattern, which in turn may assist you in reaching your goals.

2. Try to build lean muscle. The fact is that muscle burns more energy than fat so even when you are resting. If you have more muscle then your body will burn more kilojoules. You don’t have to be a body builder, but a REGULAR EXERCISE PROGRAM that includes some strength or resistance training to help make you stronger is a great help to achieving weight loss.

3. A product such as METABOLIC MAX ™will help your body kick start that metabolism. METABOLIC MAX™ is a unique homoeopathic formula that is designed to assist the body to speed up metabolism and by doing so it can aid weight loss. All you need to do is add some to your water bottle and away you go!

4. Vary your routine! The human body is very good at adaptation. If you do the same thing day after day your body will accept that as the norm. Vary your diet and training to keep your body guessing and your metabolism moving.

5. Drink water! You are 70% water to start with, but by staying hydrated you assist the body to remove toxins and keep your metabolism working the way it was intended. Alcohol and fizzy drinks can be a killer with all the hidden kilojoules they add to your diet.

It’s all about how badly you WANT those changes to happen. Simple changes can have BIG results. Over to you!

Source by Lisa O’Connor

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