Kissing Tips and Tricks – Drive Her Wild With Desire Tonight With Great Kissing Techniques

To become a great lover one must master the kiss, so I have put together some kissing tips, techniques and tricks. I have the good fortune to talk to a lot of women about sex. One thing that is mentioned to me again and again is that most women do not find that their man spends enough time kissing.

In my experience, most women find that kiss is just a big turn on if you do it right. Most women need a lot more foreplay than a man to get interested in sex. Warning, brush your teeth and shave before starting a kiss. There is nothing worst than bad breath to destroy a kiss.

As a kissing tip guide, try spending at least 5 minutes on kissing before undressing. Now, instead of the movie high intensity kiss try to take it very slow. Particularly at the beginning, start soft and slow. Just move the lips so they are just touching and very slowly start to use a little more pressure. Do not start using the tongue in the beginning. I generally wait till the sexual energy builds up before any tongue play.

One nice way to start a kiss is for the man to hold the woman’s head in his hands. Women love to be held and it is romantic and sexy too. Another nice way to get to a kiss is to sniff her neck and tell her how nice her scent is. One can also run your hands though her hair. One can use a kissing trick by teasing. Start kissing for a minute then stop and talk. Then kiss again and then stop. This could really drive her wild.

I also find that my lover responds more if I have total attention in the sensations and feelings of my lips when kissing. Get out of your thoughts and forget what is coming next. Really enjoy the kiss. The more present you are in your body and your lips the more she will feel your energy and respond.

Kissing can be giving and receiving so make sure you take turns. See how your lover kisses you with their tongue and copy that back to your lover. One can use your hands to sensually touch the face and neck while kissing. Holding the hair firmly can be a real turn on if the energy is very erotic.

Spend a few minutes kissing the lips before moving onto the face and neck. For most women, the neck is a hot spot and a real turn on. The ears are another highly sensitive area of a woman’s body. Be a little unpredictable is a great kissing technique, moving from one area and back to the lips.

Most men do not kiss during intercourse. Try kissing just as she is about to have an orgasm. This could take her breath away. Once your lover is really turned on by your kissing, try kissing the breasts. Spend 10 minutes on breast kissing and massage. Now she will want you to touch her vulva.

Source by Darnell M Hall

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