Israel latest updates – Hamas fires 1,600 rockets from Gaza ‘as military plans ground invasion’ amid all out war fears


Between 1896 and 1948, hundreds of thousands of Jews resettled from Europe to what was then British-controlled Palestine, including large numbers forced out of Europe during the Holocaust, explains Vox.

The dilemma that faced post-war British politicians was that Britain had made too many promises to too many different interests, explains Marie-Astrid Purton of Warwick University.

The British had promised the Arabs that Palestine would fall into their jurisdiction, but at the same time, they had also promised the Jews a national home.

Thus the Government had an obligation to both peoples in a situation that demanded a compromise, one that would please no-one, she adds

Vox writes: “Many Arabs saw the influx of Jews as a European colonial movement, and the two peoples fought bitterly.

“The British couldn’t control the violence, and in 1947 the United Nations voted to split the land into two countries.”

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