Is He Trying to Test Me? Learn Why Men Tend to Test a Woman All the Time Before They Date Her

Do not be surprised to know that guys do a lot of tests on a girl, before they go and ask her out on a date. Dating and handling a woman isn’t that easy that’s why they have to take every necessary precaution before actually delving. Here are the primary reasons why guys test the girls that they are about to date:

They hate the feeling of rejection.
They hate the feeling of being rejected, that’s why they would prolong the process before asking you out on an official date. They do not like to hurry because there is a huge chance that they may have read wrong signals from your side – and, sometimes, it’s just their ego talking.

Guys look for hints.
Before they ask you out or they tell you that he wants to date, they first look for signs on whether or not you’re also interested in him. He checks to see if you flirt with him, or if you hint of wanting to go out with him, too.

He wants to know how much you like him.
Sometimes, he also wants to see how much you are really into him. He takes forever to ask you out because he wants to see if your feelings would be persistent. If he realizes that you would constantly call him to see how he is and what he is doing, then he would be able to tell that he has a good chance of dating you out.

They sometimes like to be chased, too.
Guys like to chase girls but, sometimes, they also want to be chased. Do not be surprised if the guy you like is also playing hard to get. He is merely testing you, telling you he’s always busy with other things just so you can chase him. It also gives him a great egoistic feeling, knowing that a woman like you is following him around.

He doesn’t want to waste his time, effort and money.
Believe it or not, guys want to make sure that you like him before he asks you out on a date. He wants to make sure that his time spent with you is worth it, as well as the money he’ll spend for the multiple dinners and movie dates.

He wants to make sure you two have something to talk about.
The guy may be taking his time because he wants to know if you have things in common. He wouldn’t want to take you out on a date and then be left with nothing to discuss. He likes to make sure that you are someone who could hold an interesting conversation.

He hates being used.
There are some women who would say yes to a date just so they can get free dinner and coffee. Guys hate it when they are being used so they do a virtual checklist or a series of tests before asking you out – and it’s just fair!

Source by Krista Hiles

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