If Everything You Desire is Within Your Reach – What Would You Reach For?

I personally believe that everything you desire is within your reach, however, I have a confession to make… I didn’t always believe it.

In fact, I used to believe that my dreams would come true without me doing anything, otherwise, I believed they weren’t meant to be. But, as time went on and things didn’t go so well in my life, I started to realize that maybe I was wrong and I started to think that nothing was in my reach. I gave up believing that I could have anything I really wanted for myself and did my best to ‘make do’ with the cards I was being dealt.

And so it was for many years. I lived an existence of ‘how do I get through the day’ for a very long time. I played the lottery from time to time as my only hope to ‘get out’ of my situation, still believing that I had no control or ability to change my circumstances – except to go to work, do a good job, get paid, pay the bills, and live through another day.

Then one day I finally woke up.

I started to notice how other people that were living well and prosperous seemed to have a different approach to life and I had a thought that if I could just figure out what they were doing right, then I could do it too. After all, most of the folks I observed that were successful weren’t rocket scientists, so if they could do whatever they did, then I could learn it too!

Then after much trial and error, I started to realize that I could do anything I wanted. It took effort, planning, and sometimes I needed to save my money to pay for certain events or activities, but I did it. Just by changing my attitude and beliefs, my whole life experience changed. I finally realized that no one else was going to change my life and it was all up to me.

Once I got a taste of success, I wanted more.

Now, I don’t mean that I became a millionaire overnight, it happens from time to time, but for me, becoming successful meant that I was able to effectively change the circumstances of my life and the direction my life was going. Just by becoming absolutely determined to do what it takes to achieve my heart’s desires, I could shape my life to whatever I wanted it to be. And on the days I didn’t have unwavering persistence, I learned that nothing in my life changed either. But, that was OK too, because it reinforced how important it was for me to start participating in creating my own success – whatever that looked like to me. And if I didn’t, I would inevitably be right back to where I started or worse because I’d be giving up on myself.

Simply by changing my mind about ‘how’ my dreams become a reality, my reality started to match the life I always dreamed of. I know, I know, sounds too good to be true, but it is. And there is a very simple formula for creating the life of your dreams that you can follow too. There are 3 easy steps to overcome your depression and create the life of your dreams: 1. Develop A Winning Attitude for Success; 2. Build A Support Team; and 3. Create An Education Plan.

So, now I ask you again… If everything you desire is in your reach, what would you reach for?

Source by Elizabeth Oberly

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