How Your Relationship Affect Your Health?

Our life revolves around three basic things:

  1. Physical health
  2. Professional life
  3. Relationships

I call them circles of concern and no matter what these circles will overlap each other. Financial worries will affect your relationships and your relationship has a direct influence on your business life. It is impossible to live in one circle and forget about the other one.

Your physical health has the same importance. When you are sick you cannot perform well. You cannot enjoy life without enjoying sound health.

Every relationship is important but in my opinion these 2 are the most important:

  1. Your relationship with your spouse
  2. Your relationship with your children

Everyone of us goes through two major decisions of our life:

  • Choice of life partner
  • Choice of a good career

We have to make these decisions while we are teenagers.It is good to decide your career before you are 18, because a good career is the path to financial prosperity and happiness. Advice your son and daughter to choose their career before they graduate from college.

Relationships become critical when your age in between 40 to 50 years. This is the most productive time of your life. You are mature and you are on the hot seat of decisions.

Also, this is the most responsible stage of your life. Business problems are there and you have to take care of your teenager children. This is the time when you will reap what you have sown.

Problems occur when your relationships are not good with your spouse and children. Teenagers want to express themselves. It is a critical time. They are not fully mature and they are emotional. It is your job to understand their emotions and talents.

As parents, only you can understand them better. They need your love and understanding. Just like financial bank account there is a financial bank account. If you will not deposit kind deeds in your emotional bank account, it will remain empty and you will be bankrupt.

Most people face that bankruptcy when they are in their 40s. Their teenager son is not doing well and parents are blaming each other for the cause.

These kind of problems are often discussed at meal times which is awful.Lunch or dinner is not a time to point out mistakes or discuss family politics.

In my opinion, this is the basic problem and that is why your health goes down.

Your home should be a peaceful place for you. Be friend with your spouse and children. Life is a journey. Difficult time comes and goes. Good relationship will always help you in crisis, whether you face financial problems or health issues.

I have observed it my self, people who have good relationships are less likely to get sick. They are happy and thus they are healthy.

Comments are welcome.

Best of luck!

Source by Jenny J Robert

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