How to Massage Your Penis to Make it Bigger and Firmer – Improve Erection and Performance

The penis the male sexual organ protrudes from the front and sides of the pubic arch, it can swing in any direction like a pendulum to a limited extend. The anatomy is crucial to understand before any massaging gets underway. A cross sectional view displays a mass of tissue filled with blood vessels crucial for any erection. The elastic fibrous nature of the fibrous envelop that covers the corpora cavernosa and corpus cavernosum directly determines size formation during messaging.

Penis size and length are of a lot of concern when it comes to satisfying a woman. The belief is true that the longer and the bigger the girth the better the service. A long and wide organ is articulate and massages the entire vulva; a woman gets the taste of the full grip. Penetration might be a little injurious and lubricants might have to be employed. Nonetheless the process leaves a mark of pleasure on her. Women pressure mounting for this demand. Therefore calls for expertise in the science of massage. The techniques available centre on nowhere else but the fibrous envelop.

One of the commonest massage modes done during intercourse involves collaboration with your sexual partner or any artificial alternative. It is all about holding back ejaculation briefly; prolonging it as the organ maintains the same erection. Massaging then begins from the penile shaft, the base up to the scrotum; the pubic area and the groins too. The purpose is to increase blood flow and enjoy the feel of the sexual hormone working on you. The process is done repeatedly then allowed to ejaculate. The process should be done severally to achieve the desired call.

There is the basic penis massage technique where you do it the milking way when it is not fully erect. It might not be easy for everyone because often erection for many is either full or zero and nothing in between. The milking style is to keep the motion on target that is the blood in the corpora cavernosa. You may require a lubricant to do the pressing well without hurting the victim. It is a fairly straight mode of elongating the penis faster. You milk the blood to get distributed all round the organ.

Erotic massaging is psychologically comfortable; there is pleasure and peace of mind. Your fantasy is brought nearer and your body and soul are closer. The genitals stroking procedure in the process is a healer relieving you of stress and heartache of fear of the unknown.

Other methods entail the use of warm water and a wet towel or any wrappings available. This sounds awkward when you imagine a warm cloth tied to the full length of your penis. The hot compression method is followed by massage; this mode is still addressing the corpora cavernosa the blood holding reservoir so that it can grow and hold more blood. Two towels should be available with enough warm water to provide a continuous treat without a break. The massaging per se relieves physical pains if any and improves moods as other romantic adventures open up. Your organ is now a tool for reducing and settling negative emotions of your sexuality. More health and vigor now is within reach and there should be no excuse for abstaining from sex.

Source by Anna Patrick

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