How to Make Love Like A Gentleman

Having sex is predominantly an integral part of everyone’s lives. While it is large and looming around the world, very few people understand that having sex is slightly different from making love. The science of having sex in the present day generation has taken a more sophisticated and elegant form. Love making is no more all about sex but has more sides to it. For starters, love making is about connecting to the opposite person. It creates that bond which surpasses physical attraction.

Love making is in fact divine. If you’d like make love to your woman in a way she’ll be highly pleased, then you have to do it the gentleman way. This can happen through talks especially when they are held in calm moments accompanied with wine. Of course, making a woman laugh by cracking natural but not forced jokes can help attract her. Laughter is a great weapon and when people share laughs, magic happens. This is when people connect on a more mental level and gives birth to attraction.

In order to make love like a gentleman, a man must be kind and courteous of many things. Women appreciate men who are natural speakers and can make them laugh once in a while. Besides, it helps to pace everything. When the time is a constraint, delaying the love making act helps gain confidence and builds trust. Gentlemen also remember when to make advances like touching a woman’s hand or fingers once every few minutes. This helps a woman gain confidence and make her feel comfortable. This is also a great way to check if the woman is ready for a great time ahead. Once the basics are taken care of, a gentleman can come little closer while talking and whisper some sweet nothings. Women admire men who pay attention to detail so talking about her eye-brows or shade of nail enamel can work as a catalyst. Once the woman reaches a point where she is ready for love making, a gentleman should take it slowly as possible. A gentleman will never rush into things especially not when it’s the matter of making love. When a gentleman makes love to his woman, he makes sure she is comfortable. Personal hygiene, subtleness, politeness and some intimate talks always come before the moment when only sounds go out of the mouth!

In the moment and heat of making love, some things can go wrong. Foreplay is an extremely important part of making love in the gentleman way. Foreplay helps the man and the woman connect with each other on a deeper perspective. It also sets a tone for the forthcoming great time. Of course, as a gentleman, a man must always ensure he is aware of what the lady wants and prefers. There could be some sexual acts the lady may not be very comfortable with and this must be respected. Likewise, her preferences must always be addressed and reciprocated. Caressing, kissing and gently making the move are very important. It is equally important that as a gentleman one must not rush in.

Post love making, a gentleman always stays beside the lady talking about what a fantastic time he has had and asks if the lady has had a good time – essentially in the same breath. It is ironical that most men tend to sleep immediately after and that is a complete turn off. Conversations after love making are a hallmark of a true gentleman.

Source by Fredy Oey

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