How to Fulfill a Woman’s Oral Sex Fantasy

One of the best things you can do to provide maximum pleasure to a woman is performing oral sex. But the key is you have to do it right. So many women have high hopes for awesome oral sex fantasies, but in the end are very disappointed because their partner performs it so poorly.

Here’s how to satisfy a woman’s oral sex fantasy:

1. Take your time. Not just on the actual act, but getting there. Guys make a huge mistake by just diving right down there and going at it. Keep in mind what a “fantasy” is. It’s a long, drawn out, stimulating adventure. Apply this to your oral performance. Go down slow, kissing and licking various parts of her body as you descend.

2. Go Slow With a Flat Tongue. Here’s some specific advice on what most women prefer: a slow performance with your tongue flat as opposed to a pointed tongue, which is often times too sensitive. Women are different, so this shouldn’t be set in stone. But you should start out slow and flat and you will receive cues if the pace needs to speed up some or more pointed tongue pressure needs to be carefully implemented.

3. Use Technique. Don’t go down there blind! Have a plan of pleasure attack, so that you don’t end up performing sloppy with no rhyme nor reason. An example of technique is starting out by performing large circles with your tongue, and gradually getting smaller and smaller with your circles until you completely zero in around the clitoris. If your technique is on track, you will know from the very audible pleasurable moans.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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