How To Delay Ejaculation: Tantra Techniques For Men

If you are a man and are not yet being guided by an experienced tantra teacher, you can still sample some of the more popular tantra techniques for men. Not surprisingly, one of the areas of highest interest for men is tantra techniques to control or delay ejaculation. While it takes extensive training under a qualified tantra master to get completely on top of this issue, there are certain tantra exercises you can use to get better control.

Also, remember that the phenomenon of the male orgasm is very different from that of the female orgasm. There is the problem of energy depletion to address. While a woman can have multiple orgasms and feel more energized after each, the male usually experiences a depletion of overall energy after climaxing. This makes the male orgasm a very important subject. To allow a man to retain his vitality after orgasm, tantra has various means for a man to ‘educate’ certain muscle groups to focus the tantra energy flow.

Though ancient tantra does not actually refer to PC muscle contractions by that particular name, many tantra techniques are prescribed to control these vital functions. In case you are wondering what the PC muscle is – sometimes referred to as the man’s ‘love muscle’, the pubococcygeus muscle is found in the region between the tailbone and the pubic bone. You contract it when you stop the flow during urination. Proper training of the PC muscle can allow a man to experience stronger, longer orgasms and thereby vastly multiply his pleasure quotient during sex.

To strengthen your PC muscle, simply replicate the contractions you use to stop urine in mid-flow in sets of 15-20 times. Begin with a single set per day and step up to twice or thrice a day. After about a month of regular PC muscle toning, you will be able to control the contractions that occur prior to and during orgasm, as well.

Another powerful tantra technique to delay the male orgasm is to apply pressure on the penis just below the glans. This technique should be performed just before ejaculation occurs, and can be done either by yourself or your partner. This may yield only marginal results in the beginning – but with practice, you will be able to stem the flow of semen and energy and thereby prolong your sexual pleasure.

For ultimate sexual control fulfillment for men, nothing is more effective than formal training under a gifted tantra teacher. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in your love and sex life, it is never too late to get help from an accomplished tantra master to help both of you to reach your ultimate sexual potential.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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