How the DIY Generation Could be Under Attack From the GSI Brigade

Whether you love DIY (do it yourself) or are of the GSI (get someone in) generation you need to make sure you do things right. This article looks at differences between DIY and GSI when it comes to building and home improvements.

With the seemingly massive increase in home improvement TV shows and the real desire amongst people to make a house a home it seems modern society is split into 2 distinct camps when it comes to home improvements.

First there’s the DIY brigade who want to do it themselves and can think of nothing better than trawling around DIY stores on a bank holiday weekend for that elusive nail / curtain ring / kitchen drawer handle etc.

There appears to be 2 main reasons why DIY enthusiasts are so passionate about their hobby. The first and main reason why DIY is such big business throughout the UK, USA and indeed across the globe is the sense of achievement of actually designing, planning and completing work on your own home or business.

Afterall what can be more satisfying than knowing the very home you live in is how it is (hopefully in a good way) down to your hard work and effort?

Another reason why DIY is so popular is because of the envisaged savings of actually doing the work yourself as opposed to getting someone in to do it for you. Clearly your actual DIY skills may have a huge impact on whether this is actually true or not as (if you’re anything like me when it comes to DIY) whereas a professional builder, painter & decorator, roofer etc may take a few hours to do a job it could take you several days, weeks or indeed months in work, starting again and even more work.

But with the ease of actually doing DIY – from buying materials online and actually hiring equipment (from paint strippers and sanders to mini-diggers and excavators for bigger jobs) it has perhaps never been easier to undertake and run your own DIY project.

And yet with that in mind recent years has seen a new (or perhaps they’ve always been with us) type of person when it comes to home improvements. The GSI (or get someone in) generation would prefer to hire an expert to do work for them rather than go to the trouble of hiring the equipment and doing the work themselves. You could argue that the GSI brigade are lazy and have too much disposable income. However another argument could be that they just want their home to look as good as possible and therefore hiring a qualified and experienced professional to do work is the best route to go down.

Whatever you think of DIY or GSI there’s every chance you fall into one of the two camps. Or perhaps you like to mix and match depending on your skills and budget.

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Source by Mark R Burdett

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