How Do I Increase His Desire for Me? 7 Keys You Can Use to Make Him Want You More Than Ever

Maybe your relationship has hit a low point when it comes to the physical aspect of things. Or maybe you’re trying to seduce your crush for the very first time.

Either way, here’s some tips to help you increase his desire for you:

Use Your Eyes

How you look at a man can tell him everything, including if you want him or not.

Don’t cover up your eyes with too much makeup, and if you wear glasses normally the try out some contacts. Give him sexy looks, just try them out alone first in the mirror so you know what’s hot and what isn’t.

Know Him Well

The more facts you acquire about a man, the more tools you have to use in making his desire for you increase.

Test out his reaction to different outfits and hairstyles you wear, but also pay attention to the psychological aspects of seduction. Is he the type that craves control, or does he want a woman to take charge and dominate? When you find out, you’ll be able to really get his heart pumping.

It’s Not All About Appearance

Sure, looking sexy to a man is crucial when you’re trying to make him want you more than anything. However, you can’t ignore your inner features that can attract him just as much.

Your attitude and the energy you put out can mean everything. Positive energy and warmth are definitely things that you want to transmit. Even if you are down and things aren’t going your way, don’t ever take it out on him (or anyone else for that matter). Keep your head up and smile no matter what, as this will only make him and everyone else more attracted to you.

The Power of Scent

Wear perfume that is very sexy, just make sure you don’t wear too much. The scent should be somewhat light and not too musky; you don’t want to overwhelm him or smell like a guy.

If you don’t already have a signature scent that is a proven man-magnet, head out and buy one. To make sure it’s man-approved, bring a male friend with you and get his opinion as you try on different perfumes.

Auditory Seduction

How you speak and the words you use can be very useful weapons in getting him to want you more than he ever has in the past.

Talking sexy to him will certainly get his attention. And your tone of voice can make him weak in the knees; think soft and slow if you tend to talk too fast and too loud.

Skin, Skin, and more Skin

Choose the perfect amount of skin to show at various times, depending on the setting and situation. Any excuse to throw a pool party or invite him to go swimming or hot-tubbing with you is a big plus.

Pick the sexiest parts of your body and show them off. If you have great legs, draw attention to them by wearing sexy shimmery lotion and a short skirt, etc.

How to Keep it All Together

Since sex appeal is so important, you must take measures to insure that you keep yourself looking as hot as possible. By doing this, you will make him stay incredibly attracted to you for a long period of time.

Get as much exercise as you possibly can, and remember that the healthier you eat, the sexier you will look and the better you will feel. Take good care of your skin, keep yourself well-hydrated, and make good lifestyle choices such as avoiding cigarettes and booze.

Get your hair done every 4-6 weeks, and take an extra twenty minutes or so in the morning and at lunch just to devote to your hotness. Use this time to freshen your breath, fix your hair and makeup, make sure your perfume is fresh, etc. It really is worth it!

Source by Krista Hiles

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